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Masteron Prop/dBol bridge to PCT

I’m finishing up on a Test E & Eq cycle a few weeks from now. I’m planning on letting 3 weeks run by after the last EQ pin before starting PCT to allow the drugs to clear.

In my original plan, I was planning on running 50mg dbol-only during the 3 week clearing period. I already have this on hand.

My source however recently offered me some very affordable masteron prop 200mg/ml. Would it be a bad idea to add this to the 3 week pre-PCT bridge at 300-400mg per week, pinning EOD in addition to the 50mg dbol ED?

This cycle is a bulker, and the goal is to gain as much weight while hopefully not drastically increasing fat too much. Would the addition of masteron at the end provide any benefit at all?

No replies? I guess I’d just save the Mast P for a proper cutting cycle. I’m sticking with my original plan.