Masteron, Prop and Test E Cycle

so i started my cycle sunday night however i misunderstood the dosage and ended up take 25mg of test e and 10mg of masteron

two questions:
first one being if i’m taking the injections at night should i be doing it sunday tuesday thursday for the masteron (400mg a week) and then sunday wednesday for the test e (500 mg a week). what confused me is having to do the masteron EOD

second question is i misunderstood the dosage ( i’m sure i’m about to sound like an idiot) but it first dose to start the cycle was 25mg of test and 10 mg of masteron. do i keep going for this week and adjust my other injections to meet my dose for the week or do i stop since the amount was so little and start over next week

I’m not going to give cycle advice nor address whether you ‘should’ be cycling or not. The basic answer to your question is… ‘more info needed’. Is its Mast P or Mast E? If P you need to inject ED or EOD. If E you can inject with your Test E at the same time. Test E doesn’t really need to be injected more than 2x per week. Hope that helps.

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I’m gonna be straight forward… you don’t sound like you know what you’re doing at all. Thats fine, but, umm, this forum is usually a bit risk-averse and we need more information.

Post a pic bro, I need to see what we’re working with here.

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