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Masteron P SubQ?

Guys here that recognize me will probably bitch me out but…

Say I were to hypothetically run Mast P everyday (50mg so 0.5cc), and I’m already doing an IM injection of test on an EOD schedule. My question is, can I do the 0.5cc of Mast P subq on the day I’m not injecting IM (so subq EOD)? Where? Love handles?

Can anyone say if this is cool to do or not?

Why run mast p ED? That’s unnecessary pinning. Nast p is one of the few prop esters that doesn’t really need to be pinned ED

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I had never heard that before. I believe you, but why is Mast P special?

ED or EOD is fine, Sub Q administration (although most oils aren’t particularly formulated for this) has been shown (at least for test) to prolong the HL as androgens are fat soluble, the highly liphophlilic nature of androgens would theoretically allow them to be more well absorbed within fat tissue and mean residence time of action would be longer.

If you wish to be the ginuea pig, maybe try mast prop eod or even less frequently (not recommending this, just saying you could do it for science yeet) and tell us how it goes.

Then again I’m NOT giving you advice here, just saying if you decide to embark on this experiment, tell us how it goes.

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You mean guinea pig Subq EOD? I dont think that would be advised since it would have to be a full CC on an EOD schedule.

Going by what you said though, if I were to do an ED schedule, alternating between IM and SC, it sounds like I should just do that at the same time everyday, as the absoprtion rate for SC would be the same as IM or faster?

absorption rate for SC would likely be slower. Look at pharmacokinetics of sub q test or deca, absorption rate AND HL is longer, the two are obviously directly correlated though.

I’ll give you an example in the most humorous way I can think of

Say I’m an opiate addict (I get the feeling I’m going to get in trouble for this one) and decide to take 0.1mg/kg oxycodone… orally

30 minutes later my blood concentration of oxycodone is… um… lets say 40 micrograms/L, four hours later (half life dependent on individual enzymatic metabolism… levels, so if I’m like an ultra rapid cyp3a metaboliser (or opposite) half life will differentiate but that’s not important). So four hours later my blood concentration is 20 micrograms/l.

Lets say instead I use an extended release formulation of the same drug at the SAME dose! Peak 30 mins later is 30 micrograms, and time to reach 20 is 6 hours instead of 4, see what I’m getting at here, sub q shots of hormone (even esterified) MAY (we don’t have quite enough literature out yet) be the equiv of like an “extended release version” then again we simply have longer entered hormones for that (like mast E)

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The reason for pinning short esters daily is to minimize side effects by keep steady blood levels and also to get the most out of the compound.

Mast p is really mild the slight dips in blood levels shouldn’t come with any negative side effects.

Also I don’t suggest pinning sub q I personally don’t do it and never will so I’m just going off my opinion

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Gotchya thanks.

You’ve seen studies with the absorption rates compared quantitatively?

yes I have, I’ll post them soon, currently in class not paying attention

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seconded, these hormones are not formulated for sub q administration. The potential for long term scar tissue buildup kinda outweighs the benefits. I tried sub q test/ whatever for a while and still have little lumps on my stomach, scar tissue build up…


thank you bro. i think pinning this ED is going to be more trouble than its worth anyway. I just did .5cc in the outer head of my tricep with a 1/2inch 29g slin pin, which was very easy, but backloading the pin was annoying as fuck. I also lost like 0.05 cc, which doesnt sound like much, but i dont have enough Mast that I want to keep wasting that much everyday. So Im just gonna go with zeek’s suggestion and do EOD.

For what it’s worth I pinned tren one time in my tricep and il never do it again. Major pip starting the day after that last about 36 hours. I find using the delt much better

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Good thing tomorrow isnt bench day😭 I just started pinning my delts last 2 pins and its been flawless compared to ventroglute. I had to switch it up, the PIP in my glutes was so bad some shots and I was only doing 1.3cc E3D. It was fucking up my routine. The delts gave me zero PIP the last two pins, I was shocked. Really I was prepared for the worst. That gave me confidence to try other upper body parts for these little 0.5cc shots (which I’m no longer going to do lol) like the tri tonight. Anyway, I might not even use my right glute anymore. The last pin in my right glute knotted me up for 10 fucking days straight Im not kidding.

One things iv gathered about pinning is everyone finds there preferred spots. I hate quads some love them. Glutes and ventro glutes work amazing for me I think I had a knot one time from a shaky hand and rushing. They may not be the spot for you.

As long as you find the spots that work and try to mix them up a little your good to go.

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No PIP in the tricep today. Too bad I can’t put more oil there.

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