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Masteron or Test Prop


Low dose test prop like 10mg eod or low dose masteron for female libido. Test gel unavailable. Wife refuses to go to doctor to talk about sex drive problem. After 10 years does agree she will try something. This what I have available. Any advice guys. I know bushy know his shit. Would love for him to weigh in.


If that's all you have available, I guess I'd do 10mg/eod. 70mg/week is far too high for a woman. I'd start with a blood test. I literally just went through this with my wife. Test was fine, free test was quite low(1/3 of normal). We started with DHEA 50mg/day and it worked GREAT. You can get it at most health food stores. It was, however, making her dizzy so we moved her to test. I give her 30mg/week and she's a fucking crazed cock monster, no shit. I'm literally thinking about lowering her dose. It has COMPLETELY changed our marriage!

1) Get a blood test(you can get them online)
2) Understand the results
3) Start with DHEA at 25mg/day
4) If you move to test, find some long ester and shoot once/week or once/2 weeks.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Lol @ crazed cock monster


If anything I doubt ur wife would like pinning EOD. get long esters. But I dont know the dosage or any of that sort for women.