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Masteron or Mix of Test-Masteron for HRT?

Have you guys ever experimented using Masteron or a mix of Test-Masteron for HRT?

It might be a welcomed change to using Test constantly, say for 4-6 weeks before switching back to Test. I know we produce Test everyday (!) so it makes sense that using a “replacement dose” shouldn’t cause problems, but using exogenous hormones every week for months on end might create issues of its own. Many people on TRT blame feeling bad on screwed up E2 or DHEA-S levels, which might be exact, but there could be some other reasons as well.

I found out these two threads about Masteron thatâ??d indicate it could be a great â??change of paceâ??

BTW I had my kids (though I’d still like to keep the power). Iâ??m at an age most athletes have retired. I know HRT would benefit me, yet staying on exogenous hormones all the time seems to hit a sour spot for me. Didn’t it bother you guys when you decided to go on a drug protocol forever?

I didn’t have the choice after losing my nut at age 28…really sucked, but I feel tons better now.

The Mast idea is interesting. Probably not really for TRT standpoint but a general QOL improvement standpoint. The stories I hear of people on Mast are insane, from a libido perspective. I would like to give it a try, but I compete drug free in PL. maybe one day!

Sorry about your situation. As I’ve been totally off now for many weeks now, after weeks of using 50mg Test + 50mg Masteron per week, my recuperation capacity has totally sinked. But, besides the training, my QOL is fine! Sleep well, I’m dominant as ever in business, have morning wood (though I’m not 19 anymore LOL), decent libido though a lot less obsessed (which is a good thing!).

So I feel it would mostly be for vanity reasons I’d go on TRT or AAS cycles in a “permanent” fashion. My body is a lot less performant (and attractive - doh!) now, and again, I can’t train too much as I don’t recover well at all, but besides that my QOL is fine. I find it tough to justify getting on a permanent drug protocol, however better I’d perform.

As for Masteron, I reason that “changing gears” could be beneficial, even in HRT. A few weeks of Masteron instead of Test (or maybe even a few off weeks + Nolva), using high dose of Tribulus instead of HCG, Aromasin instead of Adex, etc. once in a while could have benefits. Then again, it might not.

This forum shows just how little doctors know about effective HRT. I believe many new ideas and protocols are ahead of us.

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Last week I tried 50mg of mast along with my 50mg test. Ive had two band new vials of it laying around for over a year.

I don’t think I’ll be doing that again.

I got anxiety, my head was really buzzing and felt uncomfortable. I could not sleep well at all, and I felt hot and sweaty when I woke up. I went to work feeling super irate.

Maybe you need to get a tolerance for it. But I don’t think I’ll ever take it again.

It doesn’t dose the same as Test, you can’t just do a mg for mg replacement. Ask in Pharma about dosing if you want to add it in again.

Mast is highly suppressive. It will shut off your own T production giving you a hormone deficiency. Mast is test without a hydrogen molocue. Works in different ways. It’s not something to replace your hormone production.

If you already knew that, why did you try 50 mg of it with only 50 mg of Test?

Because I’m already on my own TRT protocol, (150mg weekly) and starting with a small dosage is a wise thing to do?

Taking any kind of steroid without using at least a TRT sized dose of testosterone isn’t wise. You should know that

Masteron will definitely give you a kick, but I wouldn’t have dropped the Test dose at all. You should probably start at 20 mg Mast in addition, or if you want to go 50, Keep the Test at at least 100 mg. You will lower your SHBG on Mast, and probably E2, especially if you lower the test dose, and that might not leave you feeling all that great. It’s important to keep enough test in you if you are doing this, low E2 can really suck.

I’m really not sure what you are saying here, I’m not the guy that cut my test dose unreasonably low because he wanted to try mast.

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I’m not the one who failed to understand that, you are. Why would you think on 50 mg of test was enough?

But apparently you are the idiot making assumptions.

Why on earth would you simply assume I suddenly cut my test dosage?
Did you know that smart people actually take lower dosages more frequently?

Are you aware you can take 150mg a week in seperate dosages?

Are you even worth my time if you’re this incompetent?

You don’t know anything about what protocol I’m on yet you’re making a total ass of yourself making completely blind assumptions.

Maybe try growing some muscle in your brain for once.

Stop giving bro advice dude. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Mast WILL NOT lower your E2.

Quit giving advice before you get some one hurt.
You don’t seem smart enough to be on cycles let alone giving advice.

Look dumbass. You stated that you took 50 mg of Mast with 50 mg of test LAST WEEK. That was all of the info that you provided. Then you start lecturing me on what things do and don’t do, as if you are pretending to have a clue. I notice that everyone else is ignoring you, no wonder. If you don’t want advice or a discussion, don’t post on a public forum. You are stupid and oblivious.You know where to stick it.


Yea dude… I DID take 50mg of mast along with 50mg of test LAST WEEK

Can your tiny brain think up when the other two doses of 50mg may have come into the picture?
You can take 50mg of mast, along with 50mg of test on Monday. Then 50mg of test on wensday, then 50mg of test Friday.
There, I did the brain work for you since you’re having such a hard time.

And yes I know where to stick it… Right where your mom asks for it.


Everyone else is ignoring me… Lmao!

There’s like 3 people here. And I’m talking to you. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Like I’d care anyways. I’m definitely not here looking for friends :joy::joy::joy::joy:

You didn’t provide any of that information, Can you grasp that? I’m not a mind reader, although in your case it would be a short read. Had you stated that you are on a 3 x week protocol of 150 mg that would have been a complete picture. As it is, you are on here showing your ass and being made fun of by everyone. We are entertained, you are just entertainment.


That’s good. I meet enough morons as it is, at least most of them are pleasant. You are really showing us, with all that keen wit and insightful analysis. Stop licking your own ass for a minute and learn something from the guys on here.



can you GRASP THAT?

It’s not up to me to volunteer information to your dumbass. I said I took 50mg mast with 50mg of test. And that’s exactly what I did. I would think a smart person would ask for information if they’re uncertain instead of making dumbass assumptions.
Use your brain