Masteron or Equipoise: Which Fixed Me Up?

Ok, so, kind of wierd. I was running Masteron along my Test, but then switched to EQ. Was on EQ for 2 weeks when bloods were taken. My SHBG went from 61.7 and Free test of 7. To SHBG of 6.7 and free >50! Free is off the charts. I’m wondering if it’s still from the Masterone or if the EQ is doing the work? Pre bloods were before either drug being introduced. I feel like a million bucks.


Pre bloods:
61.7 shbg
7 free test

After mast for 12 weeks, and eq for 2. (Then blood was drawn)

6.7 shbg
Free >50 out of range high.

Your low SHBG isn’t a good thing, too many diseases associated with lower SHBG. TRT would more than likely be enough to lower SHBG on its own. You don’t need to suppress SHBG into oblivion to feel good.

Thank you. That I did not know. I have always been more on the high side. Sole purpose of the mast and eq was for this purpose. To lower, because as I said/showed you I was high. Didn’t expect THAT much crash. However I do feel/look better.

Raising your androgen level lowers your SHBG, so it was not really either/or, it was the fact that you punched your androgen level nice and high that brought it down. It will go back up a little without the extra androgen levels, but probably not to where it was if you’re still doing TRT.

Not sure about masteron but proviron lowers SHBG for sure, and they are both DHT derivatives highly androgenic

What dose was you taking of the Mast or EQ?
Must be at least 300mg per week to get that bigger drop in SHBG

400mg of both. Not at the same time. Lol

It was the drostanolone. Drostanolone has a very high binding affinity for SHBG compared to boldenone (though boldenone 5a reduced metabolite dihydroboldenone probably has a high binding affinity, but would be produced in negligible amounts)

It’s a strong correlation/risk factor, not an outright causation. Low SHBG induced by androgens (say 25mg proviron daily) is very, very different from low SHBG induced by say, insulin resistance. Not to say 200mg test 400mg mast is healthy… it isn’t, with such a combo you’ll likely see HDL down in the 30s, long term you might see some form of deleterious structural adaptation within the left ventricle of the heart (though mg/mg comparative to test masteron is fairly weak regarding anabolic activity, and is a smidge less androgenic than test in my opinion).

But low SHBG associated with androgen abuse/use isn’t associated with any disease, the mechanism as to why SHBG is low in this case is vastly different

Untrue, how androgenic masteron is appears to be based on genetic response. However masteron per se in itself is generally regarded to be somewhat less androgenic in nature compared to test

Anavar is a DHT derivative… it’s was/is given to children in low dosages to accelerate linear height growth. Primobolan (methenolone) is also a DHT derivative, both are two of the absolute least androgenic compounds on the market.

Not all DHT derivatives are highly androgenic

Proviron… on the other hand… yes, generally considered a very strong androgen. However the oral bioavailability is only about 3%