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Masteron Only or Is There a Better Option?

I have a buddy who has access to a lot of stuff like Test E, Test P, masteron pills, winny pills, dbol, anavar, prtty much anything and I was talking to him about wanting to put on 15-20lbs and told him how uneasy I am about injecting myself and he suggested I do a masteron only cycle and that it would give me solid gains with minimal sides. Obviously injecting would be better but I do not feel comfortable doing that. Would masteron be a good alternative?

I’m about to begin an M-Drol cycle myself, and have the same inhibitions. Interested to see what you end up going with.

m-drol is a prohormone and was told those are terrible for you.

M-Drol is a Superdrol clone, Superdrol is masteron, with an added methyl compound. Little harsher on the liver.

Bottom line, I’m not down with sticking myself with needles.

Wait, are you not aware that you need to inject masteron? Post doesnt make sense

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I believe you are refering to Superdrol… which is methylated Masteron.

These are NOT the same compounds, the effects (and subsequently the sides) are much different, and in this case harsher.

JCK we were all where you were and afraid to pin, it becomes so routine after a handful of pins that the thought of being afraid of it (now) is laughable. That being said if you do go the oral route, look for an old Bill Roberts thread where he compares the efficacy of Anadrol+Anavar+Winstrol at a 2:1:1 ratio (or something similar to that) to Test.

That being said, I feel injectables are generally far more effective.


A rant:

It really bothers me that everyone can agree how horrible M1T and its associated sides are, and come down hard on people when its suggested, yet the same stigma doesnt exist around Superdrol despite it being the same process of absorbtion as M1T and every bit as side effect laden and hepatoxic.

Topic related. lol

paintrain thanks for the advice, and bonez the guy said he had masteron pills?

Would tbol be a good alternative?

What’s the issue with injecting?

not too sure actually, i guess i would just want someone to show me the proper way first

With the invention of the internet, your request is easily fulfilled. Google your questions. Nursing resources are good.

If the source claims to have “Masteron pills” I would personally look for another source, as I wouldn’t trust anything I purchased from him/her.