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has anybody here used Masteron or Oral-Turanabol before and have any opinions, good or bad? thanks.

I have used masteron as part of a cutting phase for a contest. No problems holding size with it, but I only used 300mg per week, I intend on doing a higher dosed cycle in the future.

I have never used the other

thanks for the reply. what did you stack with it, and how long did you use it? i’ve read that it helps increase lifting drive (as well as holding mass and cutting) and wasn’t sure if that was true…

I used it for about 4 weeks leading into a show, along with tren, and winstrol. I intend on using a higher dose in the future, to see if there is any additional benifit from it. I know it tends to have a lot of properties of proviron - ie. it binds well to shbg, and has some anti estronic properties as well, but it is a much more powerful anabolic then proviron.

I did four weeks of the following custom blended cocktail, Parabolin 100mg/ml, Primobolin 100mg/ml, and Masteron 150mg/ml for a total of 350mgs per ml., one ml daily with my only carbs coming from post WO Surge and green veggies. It was the absolute best water dumping, fat burning phase of my steroid life. I can’t get it any more.

Another great cutter for me I discovered by accident. 100 mg a day of test suspension and 50 mg of Zambon winny. I felt great while cutting and lost water. Don’t ask me why, it also caused a hardening effect.

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thanks agin P-22

Pap, you were shooting 2 grams of juice a week? i’m guessing that cycle was pretty friggin expensive…did your strength increase or stay the same?

Alex, yeah, let me know how tht works. i’m definately interested in OT, since i hear it was kinda like the “poor man’s” Anavar. hopefully it works as well…

No I did not gain strength, but more importantly I did not lose strength or size. I was on a very rigorous low carb diet. I did not go into that droopy, weak state.

I don’t think those amounts are that uncommon.