Masteron Long Term with TRT

Hi there, I want to ask you guys who have experience or knowledge about Masteron cause I saw many topica about thw usage of this compoud with TRT. I want to know the pros, cons and if it worth as a add on.

Personal experience here. I LOVE mast. Its been part of my cruise now for probably over 6 months. I had experienced some issues related to NPP use and if caused some ED. The mast totally got me back to normal. Erection quality is great now. Granted, I run 20 mg of UGL Cialis twice a week but even when I forget the cialis, everything is pretty damn good for a 55 year old. I manage to have sex about 4 -5 times per week.

Can’t think of any cons. I’m sure someone will chime in though with some. I’m running a low dose of 100 mg mast/week stacked my my 250 mg/week of Test.


Very well, good for libido hu! Does it give you aesthetic beneficts too? (Cut, lower retention, etc).

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Most forget drostanolone is quite harsh on ones lipids. For most, even say 200mg/wk will drop HDL cholesterol substantially. Masteron may be a fun drug to take… But it isn’t “mild” as many say it is.

But yes, it’s fantastic for libido, gives a harder, grainer appearance to one’s physique etc

If HDL/LDL is normal on mast, perhaps one could stay on… If you’re HDL drops to 27 like it did for me… Better hop on statins if you’re gonna stay on…

Personally I chose to go off. HDL of 27, LDL of 145 made it seem just… Not worth it. I can take an equatable dose of T and have an HDL of 40-45, LDL of 110 or so.

Genetically I didn’t exactly luck out in the lipid department though. Hypercholesterolemia runs within one side of my family. I may not have inherited that, But my lipids aren’t great. Best reading I’ve ever had was HDL 43 LDL 100. Very little room to allow HDL to drop

Interestingly very little/no history of myocardial infarction in my family.

I like many others love mast. I’m 60 and have been adding mast to my trt twice a year. Right now I’m near the end of my blast at 300 per week along with my trt prescribed at 200. Ive been running it for 12 weeks this time and was planning on 18 but since my beach trip is cancelled(damned coronavirus) I’m going to cut it short. I love the hardened look it gives me. I don’t get much from it on erection as everyone else but it doesn’t hurt it either. As has been said it really fucks up my lipids so taking a break from it is always good.

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Out of curiosity, how bad are/were you’re lipids on mast compared to what mine were? (And I was on less than 300, more like 120 with deca… But no test… little aromatisation would compound the negative impact on lipids)

My HDL would drop to 38 while my LDL rose to 188 from 140.
Not sure if its related but my RBC jumps to 5.90 but my hemocrit stays stable at 43.7. Ive always had a problem keeping my hemocrit up. Ive been borderline anemic for years even though I’ve had every hole poked looking for possible blood loss and they have never found anything.

Huh, impact on my LDL was much milder (bout a 30 point increase compared to 200mg test alone), effect on HDL was far more dramatic

RBC increase is def related to higher doses of AAS

As to borderline anaemia, have you ever gotten iron stores checked?

Yeah I think the rbc is AAS related also but the increased dose to 200 does seem to help keep my hemocrit out of the anemic range of 38 or lower. I’m still advised to take an iron pill about twice a week.

Yes I’ve had my iron stores checked and was advised a year ago to stop donating blood when my rbc rises so its been a while since I did that. I have an appointment in may to see where I am now.

Ahh @unreal24278 I knew you’d help me out in the “cons” category! LOL I’m only taking 100/week and still getting the benefits. Plus its one of the more expensive drugs out there, I try to be frugal.

What’s REALLY expensive (at least where I live) is primo. For legit primobolan (peace of mind) you’re looking at 160$/10ml vial

Now… I haven’t used primo, I can’t justify the supposedly exorbitant dosages people need to take to acquire results. I HAD 100 10mg tabs of primo ace, but I threw them out as I realised I didn’t have an amount that would result in any achievable effect being observed

Currently on 100mg test/wk… I feel “ehhhh”. 100mg mast was what I was on, with 100mg deca (or 120mg)… HDL was 27, LDL 145, according to literature Nandrolone (like all AAS) drops HDL, but doesn’t typically exert such an impact on LDL (increased by 30mg/dl)

@magnumd interestingly for me… Test doesn’t have a particuarly high affinity in relation to raising my RBC/HCT. Dbol, mast didn’t have much of an effect either, granted my dosages were always very low. NANDROLONE on the other hand caused a rather quick increase in RBC/HCT and hemoglobin

My haemoglobin was 130, was 150 (145-155 depending on the test) two months later. In conjunction with iron supplementation that is

Apearently is a big no no for long term so…

Nandrolone… Probably isn’t the smartest for long term use… I’d say it’s probably about as dangerous as masteron long term. If you watch the Anabolic docs video on masteron, anecdotally he reports a high incidence of people experiencing arrythmias whilst on this particular drug.

Also dose dependent. If you’re using like… 50mg/wk it’s not going to compare to the long term detriment induced by 200mg/wk long term. I’d rather run 100mg test 50mg deca long term than 250mg test etc

Nandrolone is neurologically harsher for some than mast is. Anecdotally I found masteron to be harsher, on deca I feel fine aside from an ever so slight drop in libido. On drostanolone I become noticably irritable, my thoughts became slightly more violent in nature if people were picking on me… I was more open to becoming confrontational if I was being treated like shit (typically I’d just walk away instead of saying something like “what’s wrong with you, you can’t treat people like that” etc)

Also had this primitive, visceral desire to… Have sex on masteron, but I had no one to have sex with. No regrets regarding dropping mast. Will probably use it again though

But if Masteron (dht) increase your libido, it means that when youre off it, it slow down? It is similar to Proviron?

Define “slow down”. It returns to baseline (unless youre sensitive to dopaminergic dysregulation)

Not everyone reports increased libido on masteron, for some libido will tank, it’s highly individualistic in nature

Has a reputation for increasing libido more than say… Deca has

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Theoretically yes, all Anabolic steroids can. In simplistic terms, generally increased dopamine output in the brain correlates to increased libido. We have data to indicate AAS administered in high dosages generally alters dopamine receptor density, sensitivity to the release of dopamine etc. If something increases dopamine over a long period of time, the body attains regulation by downregulating said receptors, thus initially percieved positive neurological benefits from the drug eventually won’t be as prominent (though it’ll probably be somewhat perceivable). Come off the drug and you’ll experience a slight crash as HRT doses cause things to shift back to normality… But what was once “normality” isn’t “normal” anymore.

Think about coke/speed addicts, their brains are used to MASSIVE amounts of dopamine being released, when they come off… What should constitute feeling “normal” feels horrific. Obviously AAS aren’t going to induce such severe withdrawal symptoms, but it’s a similar concept

Some are sensitive to these effects. You can’t know whether you’ll get ED when coming off, that’s a person to person type problem

Cardiovascular disease, kidney disease is a far bigger concern of which genetics will largely dictate the level of risk you have. If you have a familial history of heart attacks/heart disease/defects, you should probably get screened for risk factors (cholesterol, structural defects etc).

Also with 19-nors… Generally 19 nors dose dependently crush dopamine, individualistic sensitivity will differ. Neurologically Nandrolone doesn’t appear to do much to me (interesting as I’m generally predisposed to anxiety)

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Thanx for the info. How’s your bloods cruising on 250 test?