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I have been reading all I can find from Bill Roberts explaining is thoughts of taking 100mg of masteron prop per week along with 0.36 of letro per day off cycle and having a "edge" over training naturally.

Also read about Bushy giving his friend a small dose of masteron and adex for upping is libido instead of traditional HRT. If Bill or Bushy would happen to read this what are your thoughts or idea behind this? I would like to give it a try then run a male hormone panel.


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Absolutely! I would definitely wanna take a look at a complete hormone profile panel before and after. I was just wondering how that went for your friend doing similar in a post awhile ago and Bill's thoughts on this, I read he had too experimented with it to my understanding. I just trying to figure out really something while not "on" to turn my hormonal enviroment to favorable as in anabolic/libido! Thanks I appreciate you reading. I always appreciate you guys answering. Thanks again.


I too am interested in doing "Masteron HRT" or "Stasis" at 100mg/week instead of Test.

For stasis/bridges, if it keeps the libido going, and lets the natural production come back faster than doing the same on Test, it's a winner.

For HRT, it might be a welcomed change to using Test constantly, say for 4-6 weeks before switching back to Test. I know we produce Test everyday (!), but using exogenous hormones might just create some issues eventually. Many people on TRT say they feel great at first than not so much later on, and blame that on screwed up E2 levels, which might be exact, but there might be some other reasons as well.

Anyway, interesting subject! Prisoner, who popularized the Test stasis/taper protocol here on the forum, actually suggested that people could use 50/50 Masteron/Test instead of all Test. I did that and had my easiest transition to "off" ever. I did suffer from acne that still lingers to this day and wasn't there before though.

Let's just say there's more real world "research" to be done but I'm sure we'll find better ways to use and go off PEDs that we do now.