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Masteron is Not an Option Anymore

I have been getting all the required 'roids to run my cycle and I have discovered that Masteron is not available in Australia (yes very sad). I am now faced with 2 options put off my cycle and search for something to replace it to give my cycle more kick or continue on with the cycle without the Mast. My cycle now looks like this:

60mg Var ED w1-8
1ml Sust 250 EW w1-7
Nolva PCT (40,40,20,20)

Keeping in mind this is for strenght gain more then anything. If I do choose to look for an alternative what do you guys think would be a good replacement? Previously I was thinking of Proviron but now I think it is a dead end (too weak).

About me:

I am 21, 184cm and I weigh 82Kg, I BB a little for fun and do Gymnastics. I am looking for something to increase Explosive strength and gain a small amount of mass. I have been Lifting for 2 years and going Gymnastics for 3 1/2. I have suffered a number of reasonably serious injuries and have recovered well and am now injury free for the first time in about a year.


You are right, proviron has virtually no effect on strength or size - it is an androgen that has physiological/psychological benefits based on DHT.

Is the reason that Mast is not available due to the fact it is not a HG product? If so then you will struggle to get Tren and likely Winstrol too - with Sustanon and Oxandrolone still being prescribed to this day.


Masteron is not on the market in Aus although Priviron is I dont see the point in using it as I said. Tren is not possible either considering Fina H is also not on the market here I will look into Winni and get back to you.

OK so you managed to answer my question in a fashion.

You are only able to get Human Grade products aren’t you?

FWIW, Finajet has not been in any countries market for 20 years or so IIRC… Dianabol hasn’t for a similar amount of time, Stanazolol Depot is a HG product so you may have a chance.
Proviron is still prescribed as are the other drugs you are using - as i confirmed in a post above.

Only having access to pure pharm products limits your drug choices massively.

You should be happy with Test and Var for a strength cycle… Run the test at 525-700mg/wk (75-100mg/day) and the Var at 60+mg/day.
If you frontload the sust(625mg first day, 100mg/day thereafter) you could run a very nice 6 week cycle with PCT following at the beginning of week 9 (2 weeks later).
Very productive, very effective for strength and very easy to recover from.

Sust and var frontloaded for 6 weeks is my input.

AFAIK Anadrol is still available as a pharm product due to its use in muscle wasting diseases - but that is counter productive to your goals.


Yes, I am limited to mainly HG products, I can get some vet stuff but they are highly overpriced. I am considering doing .5ml Sust EOD (depends when I can get it I plan on starting in the next 2 weeks) putting the test up to 625mg or so a week, but I am worried because I have no AIs on hand and I am unsure of if I can get them or how soon. I could up the var to 70mg a day tho for the 8 weeks to get a bit more of a kick.

Thats not too long on var at that dose is it? I dont drink or anything so my liver is in good shape.

How do you know your liver is in good shape?
If a LFT provides the proof to YOU that this statement is indeed true, then i dont see why var couldn’t be ran for 8 weeks. It is methylated, but AFAIK it isnt as toxic as many orals.

As for upping the dose to get more of a ‘kick’ - it wouldnt be wise to try to get something from the drug that it isnt designed for. I mean Var is effective as a safe, mild, strength steroid. Low androgen, non-aromatizing anabolic.
Other than that, trying to get size from it at high doses isnt going to work. I would say 60-80mg being the highest you’d go - with 80mg being a little over kill from all i have gathered on the drug. It is mildly anabolic, but you would be better with 700mg of test than 500mg test and 400mg var IMO.

I appreciate you have limited sources… But if you ran 400mg of test/wk (with tamoxifen), with 60mg of var a day this would add upto 820mg AAS/wk… this is a decent amount IMO for a first time, and more importantly you would have little problem with estrogen if Tamoxifen is used to counteract gyno… estrogen would still be high however, but it is the way it used to be done, and is do-able.

HOWEVER - if you are able to aquire more or different drugs (or even an AI which would allow much higher dosages of test and much better results) if you waited a little, then that would be recommended…


I am looking for a high strength gain, when I was talking about more kick I meant that. Your answer saying 60mg-80mg being the highest you would go answered my question. I have had blood tests and my liver is in great shape. How much tamoxifen should I run if I do 500mg Test EW, 20mg ED? I looked into Winni a bit and I would be able to get it but I also read that it “can” have tendon issues and with gymnastics I dont want to put anymore pressure on them. I will look into AIs and go from there.

Thanks again.

I suspect that the joint pain from winstrol is simply down to the fact that when ran in non-aromatising cycles it is the lack of estrogen… But this is just a theory and it does cause pain in many - not myself however, i have always ran it with test, drol or deca however… But as you suggested, with gymnastics you’d be better off safe than sorry.

Are you a competitive gymnast? If so then be warned that sust will stay in your system for some considerable time mate.

I personally would need a good 40mg (maybe 60mg) of nolvadex daily to offset gyno caused by aromatisation of 500mg test/wk… this is not the case for all.


I know AAS selection is very limited OZland. Gymnastics is a very high impact sport. Even moderate dosages of test can compromise tendon health, combined with explosive/reactive training with high volume, increased strength, it would become an issue. I have a few friends that are in the sport, and as far as I know, injury rate is 100% :frowning:

I would recommend Primoteston depo (schering) 250mg/ml, it is priced the same as Sustanon (around 10 AUD per amp). I always perfer single ester drugs, as blood concertration is easier to manage. Personally I can tolerate 300mg/week of testosterone, with low-moderate water retention, no gyno, zero ance (higher estrogen reduces acne and oily skin for me.I don’t particularly like anavar, it is weak, expensive and bad for lipid profile.
If possible, why don’t you kick start your cycle with an oral non toxic testosteron product, “Andriol”, if you can get it cheaply.


week 1-3 Andriol 400-800 mg/day (taper down as your injectable test kick in)
week 1-6 Primoteston depo 300-500 mg/week
week 7-8 Andriol 400-800 mg/day
week 1-8 nolva 10-20mg/day
week 9-12 nolva pct

try to keep your dosage at the lower end of the scale if you want to be discrete. As far as I know, perfmance enhancing drug is not intergrated into amateur sports in Australia.

I dont compete, I do shows and stuff like that, so no need to worry about being tested. I have been talking to some of my BBing mates and I maybe able to get some Adex, just need to figure out prices. I can get Primo just not sure how much of it. I think what I will do is find out if I can get the Adex and if not run my previously proposed cycle and just start halling everything in for the next one to be better.

Yeah I dont think I will be able to get Adex for a while but I should be able to by the time my next cycle comes around, looking for that one to be 1ml sust E3D and 80-90mg Var ED running Adex along side or something like that (depends what I can get my hands on).

Anyway I started my cycle (as first stated) the other day and everything is looking good. If you give a shit and want the info just PM me and I will give tell you week by week what is happening good and bad. I know that there are some people who are interested in running Var and considering that the overwhelming majority of this cycle is Var it should answer some questions.

Thanks Guys!