Masteron Instead Of Arimidex?

Hey guys,
I’d like to start out by saying that I don’t get gyno no matter what dose I take of testosterone (I’ve taken up to almost 1000mg a week). The high E2 symptoms I do get when I blast that annoy me are moodiness, loss of motivation/, fatigue, insomnia and depression.
I do notice a difference when I take as little as 0.25mg of arimidex it helps the symptoms almost immediately and my sex drive comes back, but for some reason my joints get extremely dry when I take it even though I may not be low E2 (or I could be an AI overresponder), and literally start cracking whenever I get up, walk or move (hands, back, legs, etc. I don’t get this extreme dryness of the joints when I’m taking Proviron with TRT dose of test.
Also, my tendons become so dry that I’m easily injured in the gym.
The thing is Proviron doesn’t do anything for me when I’m taking 600-700mg of test in terms of libido, sense of well being, etc.
Is Masteron strong enough to atleast restore my libido on a blast and help a little bit with high E2 symptoms?

I personally love Masteron and I regret not putting in my last blast. So much that I’m going to add in my next order and include it in my cruise.

I’m still having some minor ED issues related to my Npp and I think the mast will restore that

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@studhammer I’m running some NPP atm and was deeply worried about sexual sides. Before I started this cycle my erections where sometimes hit or miss anyway so that swung me to start, plus I had it sitting there. I have been running proviron since day one and it has been the best few weeks in years libido wise. The proviron has definitely done something or else I’m having a positive experience on NPP but so far it’s been fantastic in how I feel. The worst sides I feel is a little extra water retention but that’s probably the test increase also. Sex drive highest in years.

I’m wondering was I suffering from low DHT for years and the proviron has restored it, if so I’ll be buying a ship load after this. I might even try Masteron with test next to see if it works in the same way for my sex life

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Yes sir. I believe I’ll run it pretty much non stop as part of my cruise. It really helped stop gyno during a Dbol blast

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Intresting… Proviron doesn’t do jack shit for my sex drive. I’ll be intrested to see if Masteron is strong enough to offset the estrogen and increase my sex drive anywhere near Arimidex does for me. Reading and doing my own research, a lot of people say that Masteron is slightly stronger, while others say they are basically the same. I’ll report back for my anecdotal experience having ran Proviron high dose and now running 350mg/wk of Mast propionate.

One thing to note is that Proviron really jacks up your aggression, “DHT rage” is not a myth in my opinion.

There’s a lot of conflicting info online about proviron and masteron. Some say they both share the same qualities, while others report that proviron provides better protection from NPP sides. There’s a lot of theories about how prolactin isn’t the reason for deca sides and the reason is conversion from DHT to DHN. This is how proviron and masteron are supposed to help. Who knows, but one thing for sure, my sex drive has went through the roof.

I felt great improvement after stopping arimidex and letting my E2 go to wherever it wants. There’s plenty of info around here showing how AI use can really mess you up chasing numbers. It’s been reported that the only need for an AI is if really obese or liver isn’t working right. If Testosterone goes up then E2 should also increase. I’m interested to see how the masteron pans out report back mate

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Anyone know roughly the impact on estrogen that mast has other than it is anti estrogenic? What I’m looking for is say 100 mg mast equals x amount of adex? Who knows roughly what x is?

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen that kind of scientific, proven formula worked out. But based on how strong adex is I would guess that you’d need a whole lot of mast to get an equivalent effect. That’s just my sense of it based on nothing more than tons of anecdotes. I have no scientific facts to lend. Sorry.


I don’t think any one here can give you a specific amount like that, everyone is different and reacts to compounds differently.

Update: Currently on 650 mg of test, after my first 100mg of masteron propionate yesterday it was enough to dry out my joints so much so that it’s giving me very similar cracking/popping noises that I get from adex (not quite as intense but still. Sex drive has definitely improved a bit. Going to drop down dose from 350 masteron prop a week to 175 and see if that’s a better dose in terms of joints. So far I can already tell this is WAY better than proviron in terms of positive DHT effects and it’s only been a day or two. Muscles looking a lot harder and vascularity has increased