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Masteron Instead of A-Dex


This question is from a few hour conversation I had with my brother-in-law just the other day...

Except cost, what are the advantages and disadvantages of A.I.'s and SERMS over masteron? For example, if your were running a 12 week test E or C cycle, everyone says to run a-dex or nolva with it. Wouldn't masteron be easier on the lipid profile?

So what do you guys think?


Good question and one I'll be answering for myself in the next few months. As it turns out, I'm not immune to puffy nipps even at modest amounts of test (500-700mg/wk). So adding in some masteron seems obvious for my goals. And while the AIs will be ready, I'm hoping they won't be necessary.

In regards to your post, I also should mention that SERMs don't negatively affect lipid profiles in the same way that AIs potentially can.


In addition to masterone, would proviron be a good choice??


I don't see where AIs cause any lipid problems as a direct side effect. E levels that are very low can do this. But that is an E effect driven by incorrect dosing. Arimidex is not know to have any direct side effects... except in the wallet.

It seems to be impossible for most men to have E levels get too low with arimidex/anastrozole because of its self limiting dose-response characteristics. Femara is an other thing all together and the dose-response can be quite variable from one man to another, so dosing is a crap shoot unless you are spending a lot of money on blood work. The cost of the blood work exceeds the cost of the femara, so just stick to arimidex/anastrozole.

I have seen one guy on TRT who overreacts to adex, quite rare. Instead of a typical TRT dose of 1mg/week, he uses 1/8th mg/wk. 1mg/week took his E2 to well below 10pg/ml and killed libido.

When someone is on lots of gear, different kinds, and takes an AI and has lipid problems... why assume that the AI did it. I have been under the impression that lipid problems with gear were associated with oral steroids that were hard on the liver and the liver stress changed the lipid profiles. yes?no


sorry it's taking so long to reply to this thread, i've been too damn busy. Also, i've looked for the info to site about AIs being hard on lipid profiles. Damnedest thing is i can't find it, at all (almost a gig of shit to look through though). So for now, i'm going to have to throw that comment out the door. Likewise, i hear you on the orals.