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Masteron Experience?


was wondering how many of you like/dislike masteron? has anyone run it above 12% body fat? i ran it at around 12% and was pleased, still made me hard. cannot imagine what i'd look like if i was about 8% and ran it


So if you've used it before and know how you react, exactly what purpose would knowing others' experience serve?

Serious question.


my fault, i had only run it for about 3.5 weeks. got impatient and decided to run some and get more when i needed it, but couldnt......just wanted to get some feedback i guess (doesnt seem like there are too many mast threads)


Its a good drug.

Kind of expensive, but an excellent drug.

Im going to start adding it to most of my cycles.


West, how much do you like to run per week? i did mast prop at 100mg/eod but i hear 700mg/day is where its at



Surely you jest. That'd be a very high dose for most of us mortals.


i mean week, im sorry about that


Ive throw it in on a lot of cycles at a moderate dose.

The highest Ive run it is 100mg/day, or 700mg/week.
It feels great, a very comfrotable drug, I didnt really have any prostate or hairloss issues, but then agian Im not really prone to them.

The normal dosage is around 400/week. Most people feel great on this dose.

Nice strength gains, it combines well with test due to the SHBG properties, and overall you feel very full and hard.

It has a reputation as a "low bodyfat drug" because its hardening effect is easier to see with less bodyfat.

I have used it at 12% or so, and you still feel hard all over, and the muscle shape improves a bit.

Its not my favorite drug, but I like it, its a little pricey, and that money would probably be better spent on say tren, or even more test. But it is more comfrotable than tren, and has some very nice affects as well. I think it would be silly to compare it to tren, but I think that makes a good analogy. Its a slightly weaker, slightly different, alternative to tren, it is a more "traditional" steroid with few side effects and less worry about prgoestrin and prolactin issues.

I certainly would recommend you TRY it at a couple different doses. Everyone should.


great post mate. thanks. ill take your advice...did you ever get down past 12% and run it at all? did it increase your vascularity also?


If you are interested, i am ~10% and have started it at 420mg/wk ED injections.

I am only running 4 weeks however, and it is also alongside 875mg Test Prop, 350mg Tren Ace and 280mg Dbol.. so i dont know if i will be getting all that 'hard'..!

My strength is fucking great at the moment though - as it should be with all that! Strength is the last thing to gain with me.. one strength compound usually isnt enough strangely.




Glad to hear that through experimentation you have found a winning combination that obviously has you exhilarated. Just proves that even though prior cycles were good, continued trial and error can reap even greater dividends.


Not saying that you are doing so, but a common mistake is to attribute to increased number of compounds what is really attributable to dosage.

E.g., someone might say that for strength he had to use both trenbolone acetate and Masteron.

But actually his comparison is 50 mg/day TA plus 60 mg/day Masteron, for 110 mg/day total (not that it's strictly correct to simply add them, as TA has more effect per milligram: but as a first approximation) being compared to either 50 mg/day TA alone, or 60 mg/day Masteron alone.

Well not surprising the combo wins.

But the comparison should be to some increased amount of TA, or an increased amount of Masteron. If they were equally effective per milligram, the comparison ought to be to 110 mg/day TA, before saying a greater number of compounds were needed for strength.

Not that you necessarily fell into this, but many do. It's part of the reason why some stack five different steroids all at the same time, or what have you.

Equal or comparable total doses are what should be compared.

(Now, in some cases one does want to divide a given function among differeng things - the prime reason being if a side effect limit the total usage of a given drug before maximum effect is reached, and the other drug does not share the problematic side effect.)


Thanks Bill :slightly_smiling:

I do actually work by total dosage of AAS in my cycles.. although taking into account the different 'actions' of each compound..

For example, 750mg of test is not as effective at increasing strength as 400mg test and 350mg tren.. i assume partly due to the androgen profile of tren, but also i suspect because Tren works better at increasing strength via the nervous system - max effort applied, etc. Where Test is the perfect mix of AR/Non-AR mediated action, and does both moderately well (or very well - but a different argument..!)

I dont really go in for strength increases as a goal of cycles OR training per se, where rep increases will suffice (upto a max range, depending on the goal that quarter, when poundages will obviously be increased).
But i will admit to thinking that it is the different drugs in this case - although i am sure you are right, with 2g of AAS a week compared to the normal 1-1.5g, it isnt surprising my strength has shot up!
The reason i thought it is the combo of individual drugs is simply because 350mg of dbol will increase my strength way above 350mg of test, as will 350mg tren above the test (but not the dbol - indicating it isnt so much an increase in neural strength i require, but possibly an increase in cross-sectional area of the muscle, i digress but please pitch in on this theory if you can).

Do you suspect that due to my personal reactions (purely strength-wise) to different AAS, that it is not just the total androgen dose, but also the different modes of action of the different drugs?
That is; Tren, Mast and to a lesser extent Test, giving increased neural strength and aggression (connected?) and dbol and again to a lesser extent test, giving an increase in physiological leverage (temporarily bigger muscle bellies), and of course all of the AAS giving a varied mix of both actions described - which is the contribution that max dose has.

Simply put - IS max dose the only reason my strength has responded so well finally, or is it partly due to the different modes of action by the drugs concerned too?
OR sides notwithstanding, would the equal amount of test (1925mg/wk) alone give the same strength increases?

I guess the reason that stacking works so well is plentiful: Different modes of action (AR, non-AR), reduced sides and avoiding reduced results with ever increasing dosages of single compounds.



First, Brook, actually I'd gotten confused on who had posted. I hadn't thought it was you, though in fact it plainly stated so. (I must have seen a post above it and misconnected what avatar went with what.)

I hadn't interpreted it as being in the context of referring to the synergy of drugs working largely in different ways. For example, of course 50 mg/day each TA and Dianabol will do more than either individually.

I had interpreted "strength drugs" as being someone saying drugs of the same category in some regard, with them calling things perhaps "strength drugs" and "size drugs" or who knows what. And that it was being said that you had to have some number of things all in that category.

With the drugs listed, I assumed that testosterone probably wasn't being put in the same category as trenbolone and Masteron, and it seemed questionable to me that the trick to success really was so much divvying up a given total amount between tren and Masteron, but rather the total amount.

However obviously it was uncertain that that was the thought process behind it, so I made sure to say that I did not think the poster necessarily meant that.

But as there are quite a few who do treat dosages individually and do think quite some number of compounds is needed, the thought triggered what seemed a useful point.


you guys prefer mast prop or mast enth?


On a mg to mg comparison, the only difference would be injection frequency, the amount of time before it kicks in and the amount of time before it clears your system.


I would have to agree - although i have never tried both to compare, i know a little about esters, the why and how.. which leads me to expect the drug attached to do the exact same thing regardless of the type of ester attached.

These questions are simply that - a misunderstanding of esters and their actions in pharmacokinetics only.



i gotcha fellars. was just wondering. anyone run 1g per week by any chance? (my hair would go bye-bye within a week i bet lol)


Of what?


Mast prop I assume