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Masteron Enanthate Question.


I have a 20 mil 200mgs, vial of Masteron Enanthate, ( long ester ) and a 20 mil 100 mgs vial of prop ( short ester ) A friend of mine is driving me crazy and wants it !! The Mast Enan was sold to me by mistake ( lucky me it cost a lot more than the short ester )

He wants to run the prop eod 100 mgs, and the mast 200 mgs twice a week, I'll be totally honest i have no idea what he will get out of this, im thinking he should add something else, He's a trainer has done cycles before is in amazing shape and about 6 % body fat.

i Can only figure it will dry him out and cut him up. Anyone with any input would be greatly appreacted. Could a cycle like this be ran ??


My best (strenght, mass and cut wise) cycle was:
test e 400mg@week
mast e 400mg@week
primo 400mg@week

the only "problem" is that with shorter ester he have to pin himself more often :wink:

but mast + test rocks :wink:


So just Mast E and prop, would be ok to run ??? And im waiting on some cyp to come in hopefully soon, and i guess he can add that.

Seems like a lot of labs are having trouble latly getting gear out. There was actully some scum bag in my town that got nailed, wasent even real gear, 18 month sting, closed down two gyms. i'll try to post the article later. Thanks


Well, if you going to get some Cypi, then why not wait and run it yourself? Are you ordering it for him? Why do you have this stuff and ordering more, but giving it to someone else?

Are you trying to be a source for someone - dumb move. If you want to run some, that's your decision, if you want to order and re-sell then what is your long-term intention?

But to answer; I would wait for the longer ester test and maximize the potential of both, rather then getting an ok cycle from them.


The mast enan was sent to me by mistake, the prop i had layin around, and my friend wants it, because he cant get anything, so i was asking if it could be ran as a cycle. Im giving it to him at cost, and he has no patience !!! The gear i ordered is for the future because i found a source that had the gear i love, and when he's fully stocked i will order enough for three cycles. I always order extra cause ya never know if or when a great lab goes down. Everything i order is for self use, if a friend is in need i will help him out !!! Im not into selling shit, i dont need the money. I have no problem throwin him a couple of vials of cyp when i get it and probally will, but he wants what i have, and want's to start it yesterday !!!


I second TheBeat, wait for the cyp and then use the prop to frontload the cyp :wink:


Yeah i understand that, ive run a ton of cycles, but never anything with mast enan . My boy is so impatient, that im gonna give it to him and let him do what he wants, and when the cyp comes in he can just add it, The problem is the lab im dealing with is all backed up ( i think most guys know who im talkin about ) So he will have to just deal with it, but he dont give a fuck anyway !!! Thanks guys


I don't know why exactly, but I don't believe you.


You dont know why, but you will still make the comment anyway ????


While it is his choice to run what he wants, you'd be supplying him with the gear. If you know that cyp will be a better choice then why would you let your friend use anything sub-par? He may be irresponsible, but you don't have to be.


Cause he's a pain in my ass and he thinks he's shrinking and dosent want to wait, and he knows that the prop alone will keep him going. i explained to him the situtation, and his answer was i'll run the prop EOD, to maintain the gains he has and then run the mast enan and cyp when i get it ( and i dont know when thats gonna be ) Now i also explained that the mast enan and cyp have longer esters and are gonna take over a month to kick in if not longer, so that means he's gonna need more prop if i dont recieve my gear real soon !! He hasent called today but its a matter of time !!! Ya know i asked a question if that cycle could be ran, i got the answers, but am also gettin called a liar, ( the beat ) AND IF I WAS IRRESPONSIBLE I WOULD NOT HAVE ASK THE QUESTION !!