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Masteron Dosage Question


I will be starting my second cycle soon, as soon as all PCT arrives. It will be test/masteron. My understanding of masteron is that it requires an EOD injection schedule. Is 300mg/wk spaced out tues/thurs/sat be enough to keep blood levels steady, and see proper gains for an intermediate user?

I've got 3 years under the bar, but recovery from surgery has caused me to lose a great deal of weight and muscle.



If youre willing to do tuesday thursday and saturday what's the problem with followng the actual recommendation of EOD ?

If youre trying to base it around your test injections (assuming biweekly shots) then I guess it makes it simpler. But I dont recommend shots much over 1ml so for me, combining drugs is not an advantage.


That's pretty much exactly what I'm doing. I was wondering if the full 400/wk is needed on only my second ride.


I'd say go with the full 400 thats the lowest i would suggets running masteron if u dont like pinning eod you could always get some masteron enanthate.


I'll just sack up and do it EOD.


400 minimum?

Is this from experience?

Sounds like you had significantly underdosed stuff.

I recommend a first time to try 300mg/wk. Depending on the dose of test that should be plenty to handle for a first run.


Could you please elaborate on this Bonez217? Do you mostly limit your shots to 1ml or close to that? If you do, how do you go about taking higher dosages or stacking? Would you just pin more often or find higher concentration gear?