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Masteron Dbol

This is not a cycle proposal… was just interesting bc there was an old thread talking about this combo. I was reading on another board and a gut got flamed big time for proposing this. Does anyone think that this combo would be a good one, with mayb a low dose of test? I mean, wouldn’t the dbol counter the dry joints from mast and the mast counter the dbol bloat, while allowing for pretty solid strength gains? Everywhere I have read said this is a stupid combo.

However on a T-Nation thread, a couple of well respected members said that it could be a good combo. Bill Roberts said that he considered Masteron to have alot of Class 1 (anabolic) properties as well as class 2, while dbol is primarily a class 2 and would make sense to combine them. I haven’t ever cycled yet im just reading. The thread kindof died and it was pretty interesting. It sounds like a fun stack, sex drive and strength would probably be very high. Obviously dbol could not be run for a very long time, and one could just run some test with mast for the remaining weeks.

A lot of guys run a trt dose of test along with a higher dose of another compound. That would be the way to go over d-bol in my opinion, but you could definitely throw d-bol in too.

^ exactly my thoughts

You will not see a tremendous amount of mass from this combination. But there is nothing at all wrong with this stack if strength is your main desire. Your gains will be “cleaner” for lack of a better term (as i’m too tired to think of a more applicable term), than if using a heavily aromatizing compound.

There is no need for testosterone. The inclusion of the d-bol would be for the benefit of replacing the estrogen lost from running a non aromatizing compound such as masteron. You could also run HCG alongside the masteron to accomplish the same goal.

If using d-bol, bear in mind that the it has a short half-life and would need to be taken frequently throughout the day. You would not need to take much to replace the estrogen lost from running the masteron