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Masteron Blend



Always looking to Learn a little something here and there for future reference.

My question is this.

If one were to run a TestE cycle at 600mg a week split mon/thur for 10 weeks

And happened to have the option to run a masteron blend of 150mg Enanathate / 50mg propionate (200 total)

Would they be able to get away pinning the same time (mon/thur) as the test, Or would they be better off running it e3d ? **for the duration of the 10 weeks


Would they be better off running Mast Prop 100mg EOD for the last 8 weeks

Just curious..

Too much time on my hands i supose..

Thanks for any input


same as on test days would be fine


you could just pin the mast same time as the test. In theory you would want to pin it a little more frequently due to the prop ester but I doubt it’ll make much difference


Cool… that’s what I figured… i really like Masterons profile with the exception of it being a DHT derivative(IE hair loss which is inevitable for me)… i thought about throwing it into my first cycle… for the fact I’m really trying to stay lean and not blow up too big. I think at my bf% it would keep me looking nice and toned… ultimate goal 195lbs 9% bf from 180lbs 13% bf… altho I’m sure I could achieve that goal with just Test and maybe clen…