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Masteron Blend Frequency Dose Qs

Running 250mg Test E every 6 days 3rd shot is wednesday (self medicating TRT dose and am hoping to not need AIs etc) and 80mg winny (was 40) started last monday.

31, 1 cycle before 500mg test a week I thought was too high.

I am switching from winny to masteron. There should be a 7 day overlap.

My goal is to get to single digit BF% I am sub 12% right now but how far I dont have a clue. Half inch layer on butt and half inch pinch on abs the rest is quite lean.

Product is Mast 200 by Geneza so I am pretty sure the mix is 150mg Enan and 50mg Prop but on their mexican website they dont say and I dont personally have the product yet.

I would like help with dosage and pinning frequency. I was thinking 100mg eod or 200e3d as it is

Also, any issue running the mast with winny? Should I lower the Winny dose?

You can run winny and mast… I would do 100 or 200 eod, even with enan ester. Why are you doing 250mg test E every 6 days? Split it or increase the dose. You should consider using some AI, even with 250mg test (split it man)… damn…

I had low test before my first cycle (which was a big reason I ever did a first cycle) so that 250 is little more than TRT. I just want to feel normal, energy levels, sleep well, be in a better mood and yea I guess get a little more out of all my efforts. That is all that 250 per 6 days is for.

I figured I could run winny and mast but the winny crushed my elbows the first few days so I decided to switch to Mast. I would also rather be on something not hepatotatoxic. Originally I was trying to pin less often.

I will run them overlapping for 7 days (winny runs out but Mast starts tomorrow).

My elbows are feeling a ton better as of late after I had a huge cheat day and added salmon everyday. So maybe winny might be something I use in the future.

You should consider splitting the dosage so that your hormone levels are more stable. Stretching it out that long will cause ups and down in your levels which may affect your mood/energy.

unfortunately its a snap top. I would love to divide it up though. I go to the pharamcy and they dont offer the larger bottles just the snap tops. I could get the bigger auto sealing bottles but I would have to buy from a less trusted source than Bayern.

I think it might be less of a huge deal though as TRTers get shots every 10 days or more.

Anybody know this blend? According to world site it is 150 enan and 50 prop but on the mexican site it doesnt clarify.

It also doesnt say on bottle or box.

On the bottle it doesn’t specify the mg/ml?

200mg per 1ml

But it doesnt mention anything about how much is prop vs enan.

I checked both facebook pages, both websites (mx and global). The global clearly states it is 150e 50p so but the the mx version says nothing.

I ran the ISN through there website to check if itwas legit (obviously that would be easy enough to counterfeit though)

For now I am just assuming it is 150e 50p

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I’m currently using Andromix for my blast. (Tren Ace, Test Prop, Mast Prop) I can definitely feel that the Tren and Test prop are legit. But since this is the first time using Mast I can’t say for sure on it. I’ve been using test E 250mg/ml for TRT and it is definitely legit. It was tested to be overdosed (263mg/ml) so- Test E- legit, Tren Ace- legit, Test Prop- legit. So chances are, so is our Mast.
FWIW, the andromix is dosed 50/50/50mg/ml so im almost positive your mix is either 100 Enan/100 Prop per ml, or 150 enan/50 Prop/ml.

using euro lab or mexican?

as far as I know there are 2 labs in mexico and one euro lab.

I always thought it was legit but had raised ebrows (75%). Now I am 95% it is legit, which unless I walk into a farmacia and it says “big name company” or some other big name 95% is the highest I will ever say…

Guys, delete the brands please.