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Masteron and TRT

So I have never in my life done a real cycle. I have been on trt for the last year at 200 mg test a week. I’ve been lifting weights seriously for most of the last ten years, occasionally taking breaks to focus on running. I’m 34 years old. Been hitting the gym hard again the last couple months and have been looking for something to give me an edge.

I’m thinking about adding 300-400 mg masteron a week and keeping my test at 200. Is this a good idea? What negative side effects can I expect? Also I have to get blood work done every 3 months for trt. Will the masteron effect anything on the bloodwork? I got a great doctor and I don’t want to piss him off by taking other drugs. Any advice/input would be appreciated. Thanks.

Just blast and cruise with your Test. Bump Test to 500 and see how you like the results to that. Then decide if you want to add other compounds.

First, honestly, is this an actual legit doctor? Or is he more like a “pay me for the prescription you want” doctor? 200 mgs a week is double a regular trt dose.

Masteron is good stuff. It’s real benefit is only truly seen by those who have a low body fat. It just adds this extra polish to a cut physique. It’s other benefit is it either lowers the sbgh or it binds to it first allowing less test to bind. I forget and honestly the stuff on the net is just parroted to the point it is all a jumble. That extra bit of test that use to bind might make your blood work look different but if it is enough to really change the free test level dramatically? IDK. Will that extra unbound test end up getting aromatized and turned into estrogen at a level that shows up significantly on your blood work? Again IDK. Masteron does have an anti estrogen “effect” but as far as I understand it, it does not lower the estrogen or aromatase enzyme.

Other than that, since masteron is a DHT based compound it will help strength, harden you, and help facilitate fat burning.

If you are dead set on doing it and I am have no opion as to you doing it. Then you could just run it for 10 weeks stopping two weeks before your blood work and hope everything looks good. I doubt the DR is testing for other compounds but rather just checking your panel. If you were to just run mast for 10 weeks then really you should stick to the Propionate ester and two weeks is enough for it to not be at active levels. I bet it would still be detectable but like I said I doubt the DR is checking for every compound under the sun.

The UGL sceen has attached the dromastanolone hormone to the enanthate ester but with your timeframe I would stay away from it.

I think if you have your heart set on this then run the Propionate ester for the ten weeks. See what shows up on your blood work. If the Dr doesn’t see anything worth commenting on then you can do the same thing again at the appropriate time. I would NOT just start running 300-400 mgs a week of any compound and just stay on it indefinitely.

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Considering a “regular” trt dose would only get me to about 300ng/DL accompanied by me feeling like shit I feel inclined to say 100mg/wk isn’t the be all end all TRT dose. It’s all about the patients therapeutic needs, not a number of total MG’s/wk (although there’s certainly a cut-off point) but the cutoff is nowhere near 100mg

This is a myth, while masteron is used primarily as a cosmetic drug, it’s addition of a methyl group in its carbon 2 position protects it from being broken down in muscle tissue by the 3-HSD enzyme, therefore it actually does have anabolic activity. Given the cost of the drug and it’s relatively weaker anabolic effect compared to testosterone it makes it a poor choice for gaining mass (but then again primo is a poor choice for “bulking” too, yet people occasionally use it for that purpose)

Masteron (drostanolone) like most dihydrotestosterone derived compounds has a high binding affinity to SHBG. SHBG is a transport proteinzez, testosterone, estriadol and dihydrotestosterone is bound to shbg, albumin and a teeny tiny, teensy, teensy tiny, tiny tiny tiny bit is bound to CBG (corticosteroid binding globulin), now if you’re familiar with the concept of what SHBG is, CBG is just like that, as in it’s a transport protein for glucocorticoids and progesterone/progestins. ANNYHOW, SHBG does tend to fluctuate but excess androgens will drive SHBG down (how much depends on the androgens binding affinity to SHBG), I believe mast stops estrogen from interacting at tissues (like breast tissue) that are sensitive to the effects of estrogen, similarly to SERMS (however the mechanism is a bit different, I can’t exactly remember what it was or if an exact mechanism as to why was ever determined).

Op’s bloodwork will change depending on how comprehensive the bloods are and the method of testing. Depending on the way they test his testosterone concentration, drostanolone itself could be picked up as excess free testosterone, giving a massive number for free T, his SHBG will be lower, his cholesterol will probably be a bit skewed, HCT/RBC might climb a bit, depending on his reaction to the compound an adverse affect on glucose tolerance/ insulin sensitivity might be seen, however that’s very individual and compound dependent. If he’s dead set on using it long term (which some do), a far lower dose would need to be implimented if he is focused on longevity, while some do run like 200mg test and 300mg mast long term… that’s 500mgs of gear/wk!

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Yes he is a actual legit doctor. He was my fertility doctor when me and my wife were trying to conceive. He even performed a surgery on me a couple years ago. I was on 120 mg/week and that put my total first test in the 400s. It was his idea to bumb up the dose, not mine. And I’m not worried about him specifically testing for other substances, I’m just wondering if the masteron would change my levels so dramatically that he would know I’m taking something other than my prescribed dose. Which is why I don’t want to blast on 500 mg of test because he would obviously be able to tell something is up. And I definitely don’t want to run it long term, just 10-12 weeks. I’m looking to cut. I do have a tendency to aromatise even on my low test dose. E2 stays anywhere from the high 30s to low 50s. And I didn’t know masteron lowers shbg, the test has already pushed mine down to 17.2. Going lower than that would be concerning.

This is a bit of a falsehood. Masteron does not lower your shbg. SHBG has a higher binding affinity for Masteron than it does testosterone. That just means it binds to the masteron first which in turn leaves you with more circulating free testosterone. In an ideal world you would take advantage of the higher levels of free testosterone for the time your on and after the cycle your levels would stabilize to pre cycle. Just my two cents. I could be wrong but that’s what I’ve learned.

I’ve used it for years as part of my b&c with good results. I have low bodyfat so it does add that extra polish. My labs are every 6 months so I usually go for 18 weeks and I use the mast p just in case I need to exit my blast quickly.( my Dr. has scheduled extra labs at 3 months sometimes if my test comes in on the high side).
I do my own labs every 3 months to keep an eye on my lipids. It will have a negative affect on those but for me not to much.

  • how much do you use?
  • How harsh is it on the lipid profile with regard to you’re bloods.
  • Is it as androgenic as testosterone (for you) when specifically talking about growth of excess body hair.
  • What’s the point of staying in it constantly besides a slight polish? Why not just cruise on more test.
  • does it cause RBC/HCT to creep up very fast, some AAS are more potent at stimulating erythropoiesis, the erythropoietic stimulating potential of drostanolone appears to be unknown.

There are all my questions Yeet. I’ve always found masteron interesting, however not many people use it, nor is there much clinical data to go by so anecdotal tellings is the best way to gather info on this compound


I’ve run Mast a few times. I really like it. It does help me cut some and its great for stacking with Dbol to curb gyno.

You can either run your Test like normal, and add Mast or bump your Test and Mast. I think you will like what you see. Make sure to get Mast Eth so you can run them both at 2 x week. I draw in the same syringe. Its not an issue.

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I use 300 test and 300 mast during my blast. My trt dose is 100 per week. Im a low dosage guy so I try to keep the risk/reward balanced, just my opinion.
At that dose I don’t get much of a size boost (I actually lose a few pounds, mast makes me lose water)but my strength is better. My body hair has been crazy since I started trt 8 years ago, I’m 59 now. All my life I have never been able to grow a full beard, now in 10 days I’m on the verge of looking like a lumberjack. That’s just crazy. The down side is always shaving the body hair, geez.
I also get a libido boost from it which is nice and I only have to use a small amount of a AI like .25 of arimdex per week.
My hct/rbc doesn’t rise any faster. I have always had to donate blood every 4 months since starting trt.
One last thing, during the winter months like now I drop the mast to do clean bulk(which also gives my lipids a break) and start it back up in march.

Your cholesterol. If you’re usually normal then it may end up out of range when you get blood work done. Just depends on how long you’re on it and when your blood work is done relative to the mast clearing your system and things returning to normal.

Does this mean that Masteron screws your cholesterol more than the same amount of Test would?

Actually, the idea I’m kinda’ playing with is that, instead of 200 mg/week of T, I’d use 100 mg T and 100 mg Masteron. The expected results:

  • Could help me with my recomp efforts
  • Maybe I could spare the AI I need to use for even 150 mg of T. (not much, but some was necessary)
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Let me know how that 100/100 goes. I’m curious.

I’m about to start my TRT cruise in a few weeks, but my HDL/LDL ratio is not looking great, so I’m having second thoughts about this Masteron idea.
Anyways, if I go for it, I’ll let you know.

I was having same issues but I’m thinking after you remain on cruise it should get back to normal. I’ve read a lot of posts where people like that test/mast combination for cruise…

A half half split of Test and Mast for TRT is the dogs bollocks. I absolutely love it.

I run something like 75/75mg and adjust if needed.

OP you will love the addition of masteron to your high TRT dose.


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I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. It’s just such an attractive option, but the hair loss is a non-starter for me. Cholesterol has always been great (a genetic gift I’m told) so the only thing stopping me is my legitimately great head of hair that I will not risk for anything. Yes, I am in fact that shallow.

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Hairloss even at >100mg/wk?

I agree though, some of us are not ready to go bald.


I’m fine with hair loss (however I’m not genetically predisposed), I just dislike acne and excess body hair growth… Which I have a ton of (both)… Mast is a nono for me due to androgenicity. If I decide to get laser hair removal done for my back, stomach, chest, arms, shoulders, legs, calves and forearms then I might consider it. Otherwise in the near future I’m probably going to try switching to EQ for my trt (less androgenic)

Please let us know how you get on with EQ for TRT, its something I’ve been thinking about for quite some time. I am starting to dislike Test.