Masteron and Inability to Ejaculate

On masteron 1 st dose yesterday, cannot ejaculate today at all!
Any advice! Only 100 mg

Probably need advice of a shrink. Masteron is not even working yet


I did take 2 mg of clonopin the day before wondering if that could be the reason. Masteron prop does get out of the system in 2 days may be I can wait to see.
Is Masteron known for this ? May I ask? Thank you

Masterson is absolutely not doing this, you have a serious issue. In all honesty you will probably obsess over this and end up impotent. You really should stop putting things in your body when you have no idea what they will do.
The answer to what is wrong with you is not in a bottle, vial or tablet. The answer is in self reflection and self growth.

2mgs of clonazepam is quite a hectic dose

Recreational use or do you need it for sleep/anxiety (prescribed). Or is it for AAS mediated side effects (also anxiety/insomnia)?

Benzodiazepine use, particularly in dosages like that ought to be a last resort as if one becomes dependent getting off of them can be VERY difficult.


Actually for real prescribed for anxiety up to 3 mg per day! Do u think it could be the benzo? I am perplexed. I had no problem with any of the AAS before. Now the only one that doesn’t haf the issue is test cyp!
Your advice?
Very kind of u

If you haven’t experienced this from the benzodiazepine in the past, probably not.

Stop taking the mast, if thinks return to normal within the next week you’ve got your answer. On rare instances people can be exceptionally sensitive to the effects of androgens/specific drugs.

Have you started taking any new meds recently?

Otherwise, how often do you ejaculate. If you are jerking off/ejaculating all the time sometimes our bodies will tell us “enough is enough” and it can be really hard to get off for a day or so.


Yeah! Test cypionate no problem but anything higher than 100 mg per week gives me bad acne. I only took mast prop once will discontinue and c what happens. I haf been super sensitive to just about any new meds recently. Not sure why! Normally 3-4 times a day also on cialis.
Thank you so much!

Damn dude

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That’s fucks with your brain, so sure. Benzos, opiates, I couldn’t get off for shit when I was on those.

I had no problem with benzo before but lately seems to happen to me! So u don’t think is the Masteron?

These two would have been my exact thoughts. Great posts @unreal24278


Surely not




A one off i’d understand. Every day? I’d be shooting dust

At the moment I think I masturbate like once or twice a WEEK… if that…

Yes true not lying

I looked at your previous made topics. Most of them or like all besides one, are about side effects you are having. Why the fuck are you still here and taking these drugs? Whatever you take seems to be reacting crazy bad in your body but you don’t seem to get the message. You are who makes those “people die of even moderate steroid use” statistics man, stop while anything at all is left working in your body.

Lot of it appears related to impotence

All AAS can either raise or decrease libido.

Say you take 400mgs of EQ, but aren’t particuarly sensitive to the metabolite that crushes E2 whereas I take 400mgs of EQ (important to note i’ve never taken boldenone) and perhaps my E2 is undetectable

I’d likely be impotent, you might be humping everything that moves.

OP is sensitive to the neuromodulatory effects of AAS. We know he has a history of anxiety/panic attacks (hence prescription for high dose benzodiazepine).

If OP has a degree of neurological dysregulation at baseline, throwing in AAS is more likely to complicate things relative to the baseline of someone who doesn’t take antidepressants, antipsychotics or tranquilizers.

If I had a libido so high I could ejaculate 3-4 times per day I think i’d be sold/happy with that lol.

Yes I agree ! It has always been a struggle for me

No, not at all. I think its’ the other drug(s)

Thank you

In either way, this person seems to be having a lot of issues on lower doses, so basically it is his body yelling to stop it.