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Masteron and Cypionate Cycle

I have two bottles of cypionate and one of masteron. I am planning on taking the cypionate 400ml a week for ten weeks. I am going to take the masteron from week 4-8, a total of five weeks at 200ml a week in two shots a week.

Then for the last three weeks I would take one 50mg wintstrol tab. How does this cycle sound? Should I be looking to change anything in the amounts. Is there something that I should add so I will get optimal results? Is clomid necessary? HGC? What would be good to cover negative sideaffects?

What kind of resutls can I look forward to in a cycle like this? Just one more question what is everyones thoughts on time off. How much time between cycles should you take? I hear if you are on it for 8 weeks u should take off 8 weeks is this correct?

What ester is attached to the Masteron?

Masteron is a prop ester, although now you can get the active molly attached to an enanthate ester.

I’d spread out the winnie more. I know you’re thinking that you’ll cut at the end of the cycle, but it’s worth far more during the cycle. Low dose winnie will reduce SHBG and allow your cyp to work better as a result (more free test). 20-25mg per day will work (divided doses of course). Run the masteron at the back end of your cycle and end it 10-14 days past your cyp. Since masteron is a prop ester and cyp is long, you can use the masteron to hold onto your gains while the cyp clears (do the math on clearance times to get a tighter range). Then move to PCT. I’d also front-load your cyp to get blood levels high out of the box.

If you don’t have proper PCT, you’re probably wasting your time.