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Mastering the RDL

CT & Gents -

Does anyone find RDL’s to be particularly hard on the lower back? I’ve tried many variations and inevitably just go back to a full deadlift variation. The eccentric part, especially when my body breaks 45 just becomes highly questionable for my lower back despite all the cues (tall chest, shoudler back, hip hinge, sit back not bend over etc.)

I want to get this movement down because it is a more direct hamstring/posterior builder vs. snatch grip dead or atheltic stance DL which i’m comfortable with (more quads), and i want to do rep work with it (like in best damn template).

The solution so far has been to do them deadstop from pins. And trying different stances (from sumo, to atheltic, to traditional, to snatch grip RDL).

Doing it from pins (at an apprriate height…probably lower ROM than a full stanard RDL) has felt quite good. And i can really load the hamstring/glutes from the start, rather than feel that huge pressure on the lower back (when the weight goes up).

Thanks for any insights!

Try elevating your toes and use a trap bar.

Single leg with kettle bells ``