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Mastering Leptin - Meal Frequency, Exercise Duration, etc.

So I picked up this diet book on Leptin. I had been reading alot about it since leptin is in control of “everything” and by everything I mean Insulin, Thyroid, Dopamine, Appetite, Test (to a certain extent), and just basically all the good stuff. I’m currently dieting, so lets assume I’m not trying to gain muscle mass, just lose fat and stay strong and whatnot.

So this PhD husband and wife couple have compiled the data on Leptin into this book, containing information they claim is backed by 8000 research papers. And they have basically 5 “rules” to follow to maximize leptin.

One of, if not the main rule, is don’t eat more than 3 meals per day. Suggesting that after 3-4 hours or something your body starts breaking down the glycogen in your liver as well as breaking down fat (didn’t say anything about muscle, but I’m sure most of us would assume muscle could be being broken down as well). Also stating it is necessary for us to exercise this component of our metabolism to ensure it’s efficiency and aid in fat-loss etc.

So they say don’t eat more than 3 meals per day, as well make sure you wait at LEAST 5-6 hours between meals, suggesting if you cannot that your leptin is out of whack, because leptin controls hunger, and to maximize it you should be able to stave off at least 5 hours without feeling hungry if you had a proper meal.

Along with this rule is the rule that you should not eat after dinner at all, nor should you snack at all. They say wait at least 3 hours after eating before going to bed, and that your morning meal should be 10-11 hours or more after you last meal, so that your body has switched gears to burning fat in it’s resting state.

They also believe in fasted cardio, and exercise sessions for fat loss lasting between 1-2 hours to maximize BAT activation and fat burning. They say once you reach a pace that is somewhat effortless to maintain and your sweating that you should maintain it for the required duration to maximize fat loss.

Anyways, a lot of this information is somewhat contradictory to what I’ve read and what a lot of trainers on here preach, save just today in the article stating it’s ok to only eat “3-5” meals a day, in this case 3. So what do you guys think?

I guess if your one and only goal is to kill your appetite then I would take the advice, but I’d don’t know what the hell good that will do.

While I’m sure there are some people who struggle with fat loss because of leptin and have a constant battle with hunger, for the rest of the population, hunger is not a problem and not why people are fat.

i’d like to see a picture of these 2 then i’ll decide how credible they are

i’d like to see a picture of these 2 then i’ll decide how credible they are

huh? Their a thin relatively good looking couple in their mid-fifties. They look pretty good for their age as well.

They seem to lack the understanding of all the OTHER counterregulatory hormones and cascade systems. While waiting 5-6 hours might increases sythesis of the mitochondrial uncoupling protein (UCP-1), I imagine the effects of gluconeogenesis would be more detrimental than the effects of UCP-1 would be positive. More information about other adipokines and triacylglycerol regulating proteins (mainly ASP) needs to be elucidated before one can really master the manipulation of hormones for dieting purpose. JMO

Yeah, they were saying you want gluconeogensis to kick in for a few hours to allow your system to break down some fat.

Well, while glycerol and lactate both are capable of gluconeogenesis, I believe the majority would come from amino acids via skeletal muscle. With my knowledge it would be impossible to weigh the benefits of cortisol and UCP-1 stimulation on lipolysis verse the harm caused on skeletal muscle.

So we should examine the effects of gluconeogenesis to see if we are breaking down fat or muscle or a little of both during these 5-6 hour breaks in between meals…

Doesn’t matter

As long as you are eating the same Macros, and in a caloric defecit, meal frequency has no impact on fat loss. NONE!


A friend of mine read this book and lost an incredible amount of weight. he has an iron will though and would make any effective program work.