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Masterdrol/Methyl 1-D Stack?


I just purchased some Methyl Masterdrol and I was reading about something to stack with it. I believe it was called Methyl 1-P (or Methyl 1-A). Whichever it was, the site that I usually order things from didn't have the one that was mentioned, they had the other...and they also had Methyl 1-D, which sounded amazing.

So, anyone ever stack these? Success? Failure? Or, has anyone tried Methyl 1-D on its own?

Also, years ago I used the M1-T, which put on about 15lbs, I was younger and stupid and did no PCT...a couple of months passed and I experienced a little gyno, which went away on its own. I used Methyl Masterdrol about a year ago and put on a solid 20lbs, used Novadex PCT, which actually worked fine. I have never stacked before though, and I would appreciate opinions on PCT. And I throw in the extra few bucks to get the stuff overnighted, so having it "ready to go" before I start the stack isn't much of a concern.
thank you all.


ASounded amazing? did you read any peer- reviewed research on this, or was this just the sales pitch from the cheezy web-based sales company?

As I said before these are drugs that were never approved for use in humans or animals, there is no real research on these, they were not even submitted for approval at any time to the fda or any other equivalent. We don't even know what other receptors in the body these drugs bind to, or how toxic their metabolites are.

These drugs are illegal, and it is just a matter of time before these fly-by -night companies dissapeer. Do they care about your health? no. They just care about your wallet.

You are much better off using real AAS, as you won't be risking your health nearly as much.



i do appreciate your opinion and your words. i suppose the attraction to these prohormones/oral anabolics/ whatever classification is correct is that they are easily available over the internet. the headquarters of the places i would deal with are in the states, as i am, so theres not the risk of customs. my gym really isnt a great place to seek real AAS either. there are a few guys that i believe take them b/c they blow up so fast, and then a new guy joins their group and within a couple of weeks the new guy starts getting pretty big too, all while staying ripped. anyway, ive talked to these guys, said everything up until the point of "can i get some roids" and they offer nothing.

as far as the FDA thing, i certainly agree with what you are saying. however, and i could be wrong, but i dont even believe creatine is FDA approved...and unless i just havent noticed, none of the basic protein supps that i have used have been FDA approved either, yet we dont think twice about using these. not trying to argue on that point, as protein and creatine dont stress the use of PCT, just pointing something out.

thanks though.


Creatine is a common component of natural food and is considered a dietary supplement. The FDA can ban it if it deems it to be a hazzard but it does not need to be approved unlike pharmaceuticals. It has been studied extensively though in addition to well over a decade of practical experience.


i understand that. without arguing, my point was just that the same things can be said for many substances in the supplement world...many of us go to a GNC or whatever and buy some stuff and dont think twice because we bought it legally at a supp store, but im not sure ive ever bought anything there that was FDA approved.

anyway, i am more or less looking to see if anyone has tryed the Methyl 1-D and what their results were. as i said, i have used Masterdrol before, and was pleased, and unlike others, i had practically no side effects to speak of.