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Masterdrol Dosing


i cant seem to find an answer to my question with the search, so ill just go ahead and open it up here. i just received my Methyl Masterdrol and im wondering if anyone can tell me when to take the pills. when im doing 20mg do i take the both at the same time? and what time of day? with food, etc? how about when i bump up to 30mg?

also, i ordered LG's Formadrol Xtreme for my PCT, although i cant seem to find much on it. i figured the company knows what its product will do, and if they are suggesting Form X for the PCT, then that would be ok right?

im not going to start this before i get everything worked out, but if anyone needs to bash me with "get your shit straight first" then go ahead, but if thats necessary could you at least answer some of my Q's too? thanks in advance


I'm doing a superdrol cycle right now(masterdrol).I started with 10mg 1st week,and I will do 20mg for the next two weeks.SD has a low half life, around 6-10 hours therefore make sure you plan your intake every 6-8 hours.Take the first dose in the morning on an empty stomach and take the second dose right before your workout with some good fats such as flax,fish oils or peanut butter.Make sure you drink at least a gallon and a half of water each day and eat a ton of food.My PCT will consist of Nolva and Anabolic Xtreme's Retain.Week 1 Nolva 20mg,Wk2,20mg,and Wk3,10mg.


You also need to start taking hawthorne berries and milk thistle(1000mg)1 or 2 weeks in advance and continue taking both during the cycle and during PCT.There's other supporting supps that you can take as well but these are the main two that I chose.


hey i started taking that a couple weeks ago and it made me so tired i had to stop. I took one in the morning and one a hour before i worked out, and i barely made it through.


Im on a MM cycle as well, its my 2nd day, i take one pill in the morning with M1P , and drink them down with protine, and then go to the gym. after work i go and work out at like 9 is it smart to work out twice a day like that, at night i hit legs and back and abbs, in morning its all pretty boy stuff like bis tris and chest. what foods would be good and whats the BEST PCT for this.


Dude, Never do a cycle without having the PCT onhand.

The best PCT is Nolvadex and Alpha Male IMO. Remember your eating should be top priority now, working out secondary, yet intense.