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Masterdrol and Phera Plex Stack

Currently im stacking, Masterdrol (2 a day) with Phera Plex (2 a day). Along with Anabolic Xtreme Perfect Cycle Liver Protection.

I would like to get some insight on this from you folks.

It would recommended to me by my local bodybuilding supplement store.

So far ive been on it for a week and everythings fine. But i just cant really fall asleep, but i think that is a side-effect of the milk thissle from what i have read.

I had looked into both these supps prior to taking them, but u know u dont always find the info you’re looking for.

Anyways, thanks guys

also im considering discontinuing taking the masterdrol but keeping the Phera-Plex.

Which means would be the safest to do so.

Im probably going to stop this cycle in the next week or two. Would the anabolic xtreme post cycle supps do the job and do it right? (PCT and Retain are the ones im thinking)

There are many others out there as well. Which i will look into some more.

Thanks again

it doesnt really seem you thought this out before you did it.i know you said you searched but you didnt look hard enough. i just did a basic search on google for phera-plex i got 26,000 results.

if your gonna stop, drop them both and than begin with the retain and pct the next day as directed on the bottles.


I’ve tried the stuff. It works to some extent but I found I retained a lot of water. I gained 10 lbs on a 4 week cycle, but lost about 8 of it in the subsequent 4 weeks. Probably all fluid. As far as PCT. Don’t waste your money on the Retain or any of their other crap they sell. It’s all herbal and probably doesn’t work very well if at all.

The stuff is real designer steroids and will shut you down like any steroid. If you’re going to take anything I recommend taking real tried and true steroids and real PCT products. At least if you are dealing with a reputable pharmacy, you know what you’re getting.

Anabolic Extreme doesn’t bother to tell you what the PP is. Well I did my research into its chemical composition and found out it is Methyltestosterone with a slight twist; nasty stuff. And because it is a 17 Alpha it can be liver toxic, so don’t take Tylenol or drink alcohol or anything else that taxes your liver while on the stuff even with the liver protection sups you’re taking.

I hope this helps you out. Sorry if this isn’t what you wanted to hear. Do some homework bro on steroids in general before you mess with anything including these OTC steroids.

where the hell did you look into this again? You seem to know absolutely nothing.

its fine with people flaming other people on forums, if they dont know things or say things that are different from what u think.

BUT, y on T-Nation, do people frequently say that someone is wrong or stupid, and leave it at that.

Just like in school, follow what u say with an explation… i mean what is this.

Dont just say “man u dont know anything” and leave it at that… CONTINUE your thought and make it complete.

wheather its on automotive forums or T-Nation, or whatever.