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Masterdol A Prohormone?


I'm a little confused here...is methyl masterdol a prohormone...or an actual ligit steroid?


Imo it's a waste of time. But to answer you, it's a prohormone. Do a search on this board, I'm pretty sure Cy talked about it.


Aren't you the 17 year old with gyno? If I were you I'd be afraid that even mentioning Masterdrol would make my bitch tits worse..oh and if you plan on flipping out on me again perhaps you should count to 10 and think happy thoughts.


lol no dude i have no desire to try this shit...just because im asking what it is doesnt mean i want to try it...I am honestly just curious as to what it is..thats all.


If that's true, and I hope it is, then good. It's good to educate yourself and be curious. Use the search engine and see what's been said on it here.