Master List of Compounds

With all the info floating out there I think it would be useful to compile a master list of substances and their uses. Please comment with whatever ones you can think of and I’ll edit them into the original post. Thanks!

Hotbeef injection- Reccomended dose 5cc of pure man test

Cutting and bulking

google /end thread


I think we should have a master list of stupid threads, starting with this one…

[quote]kenny-mccormick wrote:
I think we should have a master list of stupid threads, starting with this one…[/quote]

We have to add that chizled guy to the list of stupidity.

^^^^ yeah no shit dude is weird

[quote]Reed wrote:
^^^^ yeah no shit dude is weird [/quote]

I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought so.

What’s the deal with commenting on every thread in the last 3 months? Weird shit

It is one of three things possibly a combination

  1. He honestly has some kind of mental problem or has a insecurity problem of some sort

  2. He thinks that post count gives you advantages here. Some forums you get more privilege the more you post and the higher your reputation.

  3. He is just fucking that sad that he can spend HOURS going through the boards.

Lol can I speak in my defense?

New to this thread incase you guys have not noticed. I did not realize the dates of the threads until Yogi had pointed it out to me that I was bumping some old ass threads. I genuinely do like aiding people in this science as I am very fond of it and feel I have above average knowledge so just kept scrolling and answering questions of those who never got a response (shame). Apparently there’s a degree of knowledge where you become a flaming asshole, not sure if I passed that or just not there yet lol.

I had also happened to have my day off from work the other day and figured I’d answer many questions as I completed a big brew I’ve been procrastinating on (Test E, Test Ace, Tren Ace).

Sorry if I annoyed some of you. Still learning as I go in this board.


Most of the posts you responded to were 1 trolls or 2 the people had gotten enough info to at least satisfy them selves.