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Mast Test Proviron Anyone?

Hey guys ive done a few cycles now and wanting to do a clean bulk cycle. Im about 8 or 9 percent body fat right now want to gain weight without lots of water and add some hardness.

Im wanting to do

test prop 400 week
masteron prop 400 week
proviron 50 ed

2 days after last injection putting 40 40 20 20 nolvadex

Anything suggestions Will I be happy with these results or do i need do add?

Should be good with that. Your cock will be jumping out of your pants as well.

I’ll be starting a very similar plan in 2 weeks. T-prop EoD 100mg, proviron 50mg daily. Why taper the nolva? I’ve always dont 20mg ed for 4 weeks. Make sure you have some a-dex in case you get the itchies (nips)

Mast and Proviron are both DHT. I’d just do the Masterone,especially if you might be prone to male pattern baldness. Save the Proviron for your next cycle.You’ll get ripped and horny as hell with just the Mast :wink:

Coo dar boys. maybe adding a low dose of tren?..

[quote]breah wrote:
Coo dar boys. maybe adding a low dose of tren?..[/quote]

Prop,Mast and Tren = ripped,strong and horny as hell! Just make sure you have some adex or my fav aromasin on hand to handle estrogen.

And should I put in some hcg?

I would