Mast Prop Question

Hi guys,

Adding abit of Mast Prop to my TRT for a boost, but I can’t work out the dosing and it is hurting my brain even though I know this should be so simple!

I am planning on doing 200mg a week, and want to do this via daily dosing with a slin pin (as use these for my TRT). My Mast Prop is 100mg per ML, and my pins are 0.5ML.

I don’t know why this is hurting my brain so much and yes I am stupid! … Where would I have to draw to on my pin (below) for daily dosing to reach 200mg a week?

Thank you for helping a stupid brother out :man_facepalming:

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28 per day


Thanks bro, that was hurting my head way more than it should have been



The maths is:

  • Your mast is 100mg/ml
  • You want 200mg / week
  • Therefore 2ml a week
  • 2ml / 7 days = 0.28ml daily injections


I’m an engineer and I still screw up basic math.

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Attach units to numbers. In this case the unit is “units” as in 28 units per day where 100 units is 1 ml on the insulin pin.

Nice job guys!


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Just curious, what’s your TRT protocol?

Asking for a friend.