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Mast Enth Dose and Cycle Length


I can't seem to find any real good info on the use of mast enth regarding cycle length. I know around 400 - 600 mg/ week is a good starting dose but for how long would one run mast enth? how high of dose could it possibaly be ran?

Thinking next time round I want to give it a try with 750 mg of test a week. If I was to do a 16 week cycle of test could mast be ran for 16 weeks as well? from what I find I don't see why not. Cost may be the only limiting factor.

Has anyone on here ran a test mast enth cylce? If so what did you think of the compound?


There should be no issues with using masteron for as long as youd like. It's a very nice drug in terms of effects:side effects.

400-600 is not what I would consider a starting does though. Thats very much closer to the high end Ive ever heard of. Maybe by itself that could be a starting dose, but even then, I dont think that's a good idea for someone with no experience with the drug.

Id start with 300mg/wk. You would certainly feel the effects of 200mg when joined with 750mg of test.

You may find that you need less AI compared to what you normally would with the same amount of test.

personally speaking, with 500mg of test I would only need about .25mg of adex every 3rd day or so. With 250mg of mast added I didnt need any at all. Be mindful of that. This offsets the cost of the masteron, for me at least.


Thanks Bonez

I understand it hepls to reduce E levels which is pretty sweet. It should alow me to run a higher dose of test with no issues. I will be using an AI as well so I have to keep the dose low. or perhaps not run any at all.

So I should have no trouble running it for a full 16 weeks alongside the test? thats good news. If I can afford it at the time I would like to get some oral winny to run with this. probabaly just the last 4- 6 weeks of the cylce though


That depends on what your definition of trouble is.

I think a 16 week cycle is stupid, regardless of the drugs. But that's just my opinion.


The longer the better I think but thats only my oppinion though. That said 16 weeks is max for myself, I do like to push limits a bit maybe. I understand the risks and to me the benifit is larger. I'm almost 30 and have all the kids i'm going to father. If I end up on TRT oh well chances are I will be one day anyway.

I do hope that I recover though lol


Why do a very long cycle then?

Why not go on trt now and just blast and cruise indefinitely?

I dont understand why you PREFER putting yourself through the rigors of 'recovering' from a 4 month long cycle when two 8 week cycles can probably give better results and are likely much easier to recover from.

Obviously it's your choice and I dont care in the least bit what you choose to do, I just dont understand the rationale here.


I spent YEARS cycling on and off, crashing and burning at PCT time, and even spent a year off AAS before I went onto HRT/blast and cruise. All I did during that time was play catch up and wasted three or so years of training time.

Cycle on and off wisely, not at all or go the blast and cruise/TRT route as BONEZ advises.


If you are going to do cycles you have to prepare for the possibility, perhaps inevitability of being on for the rest of your life. Regardless of what protocols or fancy PCT drugs you are using.


You guys did give me things to think about. I plan on blast and cruising in the future but not at the moment. 8 weeks just seems to short when using long estered compounds I don't notice it kick in until about the 5 th week. So that only leaves me 3 weeks on. In my opinion that's to short of a time to get the gains I want. Maybe I'm wrong in my thinking may only do 12 weeks instead. TRT does not scare me could be many worse things in life


The more cycles you do the more blast/cruise becomes your only option.


I take it you didnt frontload?

And when you notice a 'kick' says little about the muscle building/fat burning effects of medium estered testosterone that have been occuring by that point.

But do as you please.


No front load. Got test flu last cycle and it scared me off of a large dose off the bat. I?m sure your right about kick in time. 4-5 weeks is when I notice strength increase. But you?re right when you look at yourself every day it?s hard to notice changes, not saying changes are not happening.

I get that an 8 weeks cycle you can recover from sooner and in turn cycle again sooner. I get the logic in that for sure. In the end I will do what I want and what I want is to push it a bit. I only have myself to blame for any adverse effects. ?What don?t kill ya make ya more strong?


That said I think you did talk some sense into me and i'm only planning for 12 weeks instead. I'm going do some more reserch on long cycles