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Masssive Eating Question

I started lifting weights again about 2 months ago and wanted to get my diet straight and also rid of the gut to start. I followed the 7 eating habits in the “Massive Eating” article and found a total number of calories that suit me to lose fat and gain muscle. Progress has been good so far but I still have 2 questions regarding this diet:

1- When adding 250 calories per day when the goal is to bulk, the “Massive eating 2” article mentions that these calories should come from either carbs or fat. Instinctively, I would add more protein calories instead. Did I correctly understand this one ?

2- I am currently consuming about 1g of protein per pound. I don’t recall seeing in the “Massive eating” article what this ratio should be. Should I bring my protein consumption up ?

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In regaurds to question one I got this info form Massive Eating Reloaded Part II:

At this point, one component of the plan remains unaddressed ? what macronutrients to include when it?s time to schedule your bi-weekly energy increase. Revisiting the idea that you?ll slowly be increasing energy intake every two weeks or so, it?s important to clarify both which meals should contain the extra energy (calories) and which macronutrients should make up this energy.

While personal insulin sensitivity and personal preferences can be important in deciding this, the system I use is relatively straightforward in most cases.

Step 1: Continue with Seven Habits.

Step 2: Increase carb energy (+250kcal) in workout and post-workout drinks.

Step 3: Increase carb energy (+250kcal) in first post-workout food meal.

Step 4: Add carb energy (+250kcal) in breakfast on workout days.

Step 5: Add fat energy (+250kcal) spread out through the day.

Step 6: Repeat Step 5.

This system leads to a net increase of 1250kcal over ten weeks. Now, if you?re starting with a very low energy diet, you may need to double up these numbers. And, of course, this is just a rough sketch of how I approach most clients. Since my approach is outcome-based, bi-weekly feedback gives me a better opportunity to fine-tune these recommendations.

As for question 2 I usually eat around 1.5g protein per pound body mass.

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Thanks for the reply.

I will probably bring up my protein intake. Regarding bulking up, I may just bring up my calories overall (carbs, fats and proteins) instead of one of them specifically … by 250 calories a day.