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Massize Eating 2

John, what type of glucose beverage will I use to see if I’m insuline sensitieve? I used the paste (24grams carbs per serving) and it worked fairly well. I guess I am highly sensitive, although I gain a significant amount of water weight when on a high carb diet. Why is this? And am I using the right type of gluoce agent, or should I be drinking a botle of ultra fuel or something? Thank you

If you go back and check out the article I specify a special oral glucose tolerance beverage. It has the right concentration and the right amount of carbs with no additional crap. Any other carb source or type is useless if you want to compare it to the chart I posted. Now, to get this beverage you need to call pharmacists, hospitals or doctors. Ive been getting lots of email of late telling me people cant get this drink. NONSENSE. No one who I know has ever had a problem (and Ive lived in 6 cities in the us and canada). So if you cant get it, you’re not looking hard enough. Best of luck. Lastly, although the OGTT is a good measure of CARB tolerance, you still need a fasted insulin and glucose test from your doc to determine insulin sensitivity. The OGTT doesnt determine this.