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Massive Weight Gain / Loss

OK, let me start out by saying I’m conviced it’s water. What has amazed me is the amount.
I’m 6ft 1", 44y.o used to Powerlift at275lb (too fat).
For various reasons had a lifestyle change (Sleep Apnea & L5/S1 disc prolapse) and got down to around 245lb about the time I got married (12yrs ago)
My weight has fluctuated by around 20lb and whenever I felt it had got too out of control, did something about it. Main weight gain was at Christmas or the 2week summer holiday.
Last year I couldn’t motivate myself to diet properly (good food usually, but too much!)
Anyway 5 Jan 2004 saw me weigh in at 262lb. I decided to lose it. Out came the food log and up went the CV work (bicycle).
Over the year (first 29weeks)
kCal average=3920,Protein about 200-250g per day (I only count Fish, meat Dairy + Pr shakes, other sources are a bonus) B.wt dropped to 240lb
Slow & fairly easy, weekly milage on the bike gradually increased from about 50 miles/week to 85-100 miles/week.
Things were looking good and the guys at the gym were not only noticing that I had lost weight, but commenting that I was looking more muscular than ever (in the past 12 years- I never looked “muscular” big yes but not muscular)…
Now comes the strange bit; I decided that I would not diet when on holiday (or cycle either) and see what would happen:
Well, of course I allowed myself to eat junk (no alcohol though) only missed one week’s training (2 sessions ~1.5hrs each) and lounge around on the beach.
I continued taking my creatine, time released Multivit, time released 1g Vit C and twice daily 5g fish oil (10g total giving 1800mg EPA + 1200mg DHA. Other than much lower protein and bad carb/fat combos the only other thing of relevance is that salt intake was much higher- though not as high as some “normal” types- as I occassionaly salted my food, I dont normally.
Weight 19/July/04 = 240lb
Weight 9/August/04 = 254 lb
I was a little shocked but thought a bit of water and fat gain was unavoidable but I deserved a break.
I normally weigh myself on a Monday morning, but out of curiosity (scienific training!) weighed myself each morning, as I theorised the water would come of quick, the fat at 1/2lb per week as previously. Let me just add cycle milage was much less this week:
Day B.wt. kCal milage cycled
Mon 254 3811 ~11
Tue 251 3005 ~11
Wed 248 2936 ~11
Thur 246 3728 ~11
Fri 244 dont know yet (its Fri)
Total weight loss in four days = 10lb! That is a (UK) gallon or 4.53 litres.
Any comments or alternative suggestions?

Old Dax