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Massive Variance in T-Test Results?

Recently had some bloodwork done, pretty much the same tests at 2 different clinics. Test results for cholestorol, lipid profiles, etc were vitually identical from both. both results also showed Alt, CK and some liver functions were elevated slightly higher than normal range.

One set of results showed Test as 20.5 (range 9.9-27.8) whilst the other returned as 9.9 (range 8.0-29.0) - i think the units were nmol/L. The blood tests were only 2days apart!

Why would this be?

Because blood tests for hormonal levels are very inaccurate. They can vary widely from day to day. I think they’re useful for dialing in a TRT but not very useful for checking your current hormonal state. I tested at 525 in the afternoon once, range 250-1100, and then tested at 379 in early am.

I just completed a 24 hour urine hormone profile test which is the way doctors in the know are leaning. I have low T symptoms and have for years and the 24 hour urine came back at 45. Reference range 45-85. Case closed. The 24 hour test is way more in depth than blood work also. You not only know your levels you also know where it’s going.

OK, thanks for the response. I have a number of symptoms suggesting low T hence the request to my doctor for blood tests. It was his clinics tests that returned the higher range values so he has pretty much dismissed my low-T concerns!

Yeah I’ve been there. They are happy to hand out antidepressants or anything else but they give you the impression that Testosterone is a do nothing hormone. It’s such bullshit.

I suffered for ten years before being zapped out of my funk in 3 days by T. If you have symptoms of low T than that’s more than likely the problem. Everyone’s personal levels for proper health are different.

Basically doctors and most endos don’t have a clue. If they can’t hand you a pill to fix your problem they just don’t want to deal with it. That’s what made me spend the time and money to see Dr John Crisler.

Honestly he’s the only doctor I know of that knows how to properly administer T. It’s like it’s black magic or something. Your situation sounds so much like mine so I totally understand your frustration.

I’ve been off T for two months to get a new baseline for Dr Crisler and tomorrow I’m supposed to talk to him about restarting treatment. Can’t wait.

My own dr, he is at the clinic that returned Test. level of 20.5(range 9.9-27.8), wanted to retest my liver function and CK levels a week later as they were slightly high. At this time I asked if he would test estriadol levels as well. It came back at 67(range 28-156).

Although he said they were “improving”, I have to go back in two weeks to have liver function and CK retested again. At this time i’m also going to request he retest Test levels.

It was a coupla days later that I got the results from the other clinic I went to for tests showing Test. at 9.9nmol/L(range 8-29)i.e within “range” but at the very low end imo. FSH was 4.7(1.4-18.1)iu/L, LH was 2.5(1.5-9.3)iu/L.