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Massive Surprise in Massive Muscles in 10 Weeks

I ordered “Massive Muscles in 10 Weeks” last week from eBay and today it came in and right in the middle of the book, there was this awesome signed photograph of Eddie Robinson! Very cool! I thought this was too cool to not share and I look forward to reading the book itself as it has come highly recommended by many on this board.


Awesome. I bought a few nicely used condition older Darden books from some Amazon retailers a few years ago. There are still several more I want to add for my collection. There is just such a nostalgia to these (I remember perusing through some of them in the bookstores back in the early 90s). They were also very interesting and motivating to read. Those were good times.

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I’m building a pretty big collection myself. It would be a fun experiment to try every routine from all these books and see which ones I like best.