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Massive Solid Growth Cycle


Hi everyone ,So i will be starting this cycle next month and have put alot of thought into it ,incoperating all the diff gears half times for maximun results,frontloading the decca and test and also avoid liver damage from the orals buy takeing the anadrol for 4 weeks takeing the 4 weeks off orals to let the liver heal then end the last 4 weeks with the t-bol so im interseted on everyones thoughts my cycle will look like this

week 1-10 test eth @ 600mg a week every 4th day
week 1-12 decca @ 500mg a week every 4th day
week 1-4 anadrol @ 75mg a day split every 4 hours
week 8-12 t-bol @ 75mg a day split every 8 hours
week 10-12 test suspention @ 100mg every day

so the idea is the anadrol will kickstart the decca/test stack due to the long esters then after 4 weeks stop the anadrol for 4 more weeks and start 4 weeks of t-bol for some solid gains as well as a shock to the systme and for the last 2 weeks of the cycle switch from eth to suspencion to get the swold hardend look


Stupid. Your gonna have no test in your system as soon as you stop the suspension and deca will be hanging around like "whatsup dick, You wanna go on holiday?" Also you didn't mention pinning suspension multiple times per day so I assume your just gonna pin once per day, suspension is a notorious gyno causer. This cycle will be a cunt to recover from what's your plan for AI & pct?


Cycle experience and stats?

Lose the frontload since you are using adrol for kickstart
Stop using deca 1-2 weeks before last test injection
What are you doing for AI? and pct?


this would be my 3ed cycle
6'1 about 200 lbs
8% body fat
good diet
your compleatly right about the decca ,you dont think frontloading will have any benifit if im useing the oral kickstart ?
ill have nolvadex on hand incase gyno
and pct is 4 weeks of nolva/clomid and h.c.g.


yah i forgot to put ill be pinning the suspencion 2-3 times a day ill see how i handle it i genraly handle compunds really well and if my dick go limp ill just up my test to a higher dose
ill have nolvadex on hand incase of gyno
and pct is nolvadex/clomid and h.c.g.


your cycle is weird


Gyno is not the only concern when it comes to estrogen. Hell I would be more concerned with acting like an emotional pussy for 3 months than a very small chance of growing a set of tits


its diffrent ill give you that but i think it will be veary affective strenght and bulking cycle ....no?


my last cycls was a low test with high tren ace and dbol cycle and i managed to keep calm and collected id get angry sure but im good at controling it, control the drugs dont let the drugs control you


you're missing some relatively obvious points about estrogen, prolactin and PCT.

i'd suggest reading through this a bit:



Considering gyno Is not reversible without surgery id disagree


Neither is fucking up relationships, job interview and so on because you were not being yourself. Regardless I was exaggerating my point...which was that you want to have an AI, even if you are not prone to gyno.

  1. Run Test 12 week or 14. Which ever you choose run it atlesst 2 weeks longer than Deca.
  2. Drop the Deca to 10 weeks or keep it but run test for 14 refer to 1.
  3. Drop the Suspension.
  4. No need to Front Load at all. If your gonna kick start use some Prop and NPP or just don't.