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Massive shoulders..

I have read most of the previous issues but there is little on massive shoulders. I get enough front delt work like most but how can I improve the rears. Just looking for suggestions on what readers think are the best exercises for massive rears…(delts of course.)

If I remember correctly one articles called Telikinetics(sp). Standing or seated bentover D-bell raises, reverse fly’s. Also I cant stress enough the importance of dirrectly working your rotator cuff muscles. They wont pack on any mass, but you want to prevent any injuries from happening. I cant overhead press now because of an injured Supraspinatus. It REALLY sucks!

Heavy rows and deads do more for my rear delts than any isolated rear delt flye or other variation. For overall shoulder development, I absolutely love heavy push presses.

My current program is one big giant set of four different exercises with the first 3 being done as 1 1/3’s and the last as a drop set of 3. Reps for the first 3 exercises are 8 and 6 for the drop set. The exercises are Seated Lateral DB Side Raise, Seated DB Shoulder Press, Prone Reverse DB Raise and, for the drop set, BB Shoulder Presses. After 2 to 4 minutes of rest, that is then followed by a drop set of 3 Behind the Back Shoulder Shrugs at 8 reps each. Try it if you have a minimum of 5 years of consistent lifting under your belt. You’ll hate it!

Various forms of Deadlifts, rows, cleans, snatches, pull-ups, and push jerks will all give you well-rounded results.