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Massive problems

I hate to even bring this up. I started massive eating about 3weeks ago when nate dogg had his posts…At the time i was takin Clenbutrx thermogenic and crappin my brains out…i didn’ty know why as i never worked up to my 3800 cals and got up to only about 2700. I dropped the clenbutrx and some cals and i was then having 1-2 hard stools a day. Now i’m off thermos and i’m back on track eatin massively, 7 meals a day 2900 cals so far. At least 300 grams are protein and i’m takin tribex now too. The problem is i’m eatin 7 times a day…crappin 8-10 …nothin bulky either…i take in 240 gms of carbs and roughly 90 grams fat. Whats givin me the problems…could it be the massive amount of protein…I don’t think the plan can be succssesful w/o it though. The only other thing i’m taking is creatine…but i just started that yesterday and i had the problems before this. i’m real sorry about a somewhat disgusting post, but i feel that the frequent bathroom trips are compromising my progress…and sure as hell is interrupting my life…Please any help would be appreciated greatly

Mike, grin and bear it…sorry to be so blunt. But, whenever you change your diet drastically, your body responds drastically. It would have been better had you added more slowly, until your body adapted. You will eventually even out. But, two shits a day are normal for high calorie diets, so be prepared. Runny is normal for a while. It’ll clear up.

It’s normal to have frequent bowel movements when you increase meals and calories…unless of course you’re lactose intolerant and have been eating alot of dairy. If not, you might look into drinking guava juice…it’ll ‘plug things up’.

Couldn’t be the protein…I, for one, take in about 250grams/day and with one dump/day. Creatine always gave me intestinal problems. That could be it, but 8-10 times/day is a bit excessive. If you are taking powdered Creatine, get something else. Biotest’s Ribo-C, or a Crestine fizz product. I have never had problems with that Creatine.

should i drop massive eating altogether…how am i gonna get bigger if i can’t increase cals…? Mike