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Massive Prisoners


How the hell do inmates get huge on prison diets? I just heard that in the state of Texas, prisoners are given 2500 Calories a day...How does anyone gain any size on 2500 Cal (or even maintain size for that matter)?


They're all black.




WTF is that suppose to mean?




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It means he's a skinny white pussy who can't get big and just figures that black guys are naturally big. Someone shoulda told my body that being non-black would stop me from gettin big.


I hope it's a joke. 2 years ago I would've said that it had to be because no one is that stupid. But these forums have enlightened me.


Because dark skin absorbs more energy that light skin. That excess energy supplements the 2500 kcal/day in the diet.

Albinos on a restricted diet are always skinnier.


Because there activity other than working out, consists of nothing. Sure, they only consume around 2500 calories or whatever, but they only burn 800 of those a day, per say. Remember, you don't need a shit ton of calories if your sitting on your arse all day, youll just get plump.


Genetics, the fact that many of these guys get to know the cook well and do get more food, and the fact that many have nothing else to focus on but whatever exercises they can do. With some facilities removing weight rooms, this may be becoming more difficult. Also, "huge" is relative. It is not uncommon for a guy to come out weighing 200+lbs, but who here considers that "HUGE"? Developed? Yes. It might even be impressive compared to many who don't train, but many of these guys who are capable of doing that would be even bigger had they had better nutrition and the same focus on the outside.

Bottom line, those who desire physical change to the point that it becomes a major priority can see even more impressive change. How many people actually have that focus on the outside? I guarantee when I go to the gym this afternoon, there may be 2 people out of many who actually look like they make bodybuilding a priority in their lives.

If half of the slackers on the outside had even half of the focus many of these guys in prison have (due to lack of other stimulus), several more would be making significant progress.


they supplement their diets with copious amounts of anal sex and man protein.





I'm sure some do-gooder with a study will disprove my theory, but while it lasts, think about the kind of people in jail.
These are guys who I'd bet have pretty high t-levels. Aggression and anger are essential in putting lots of guys behind bars. From domestic violence to assualt to armed robbery, these are not crimes commited by Bill Gates types.
Throw young men into a dangerous environment, and you get workout intensity that sounds like a stimulant advertisement.
Then toss in the huge amount of recovery time, although I'm not sure how pleasant it could be waiting for that four o'clock pounding from White Power Bill.


Yeah, I'll take my workouts at the Y over getting "huge" in prison.

Sodomy would be forced on me daily in prison, but it's only happened to me twice at the Y.


We can all argue until end of time exactly what it is that makes these guys big and muscular. Training, genes, lack of other stimulus...but we're not gonna know exactly what it is unless we do a serious study on it. What do they look like before heading to jail, exactly what kind of training protocols do they engage in. The photographers or camera men tend to catch photos of muscular inmates, but what about the rest? What is the ratio of ordinary inmates and muscular inmates? There's so much to consider, we can only guess. But if I have to take a guess, I would say genetics is the key factor.


Studies aren't necessary in life to make valid observational conclusions or determinations.


A - fuckin - men. Put your mind to it and get off your ass, you'd be suprised what you could achieve.


I'll be the first do-gooder.

There is no study in the world that proves higher t levels indicate higher incidences of crime, or that criminals have SIGNIFICANTLY higher tests than non criminals. Any coincidence is purely trivial and easily disproved.

There are studies that prove in adolescent teens that engage in criminal behavior, from minor misdemeanors to felonies, often have lower test levels than normal.

Test has nothing to do with it.

Willpower and sheer determination do.


I dont think that people should be looking up to inmates as a source of willpower and determination. I think it boils down to a lack of things to do. They have nothing else to occupy their time and have plenty of time for recovery. They also recieve adequate nutrition. why wouldn't you be able to put mass on in this type of situation.