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Massive Let Down: Bad Trainers


I dont post often but I just had to...

So i was looking at my local supplement shops website and noticed that they have a youtube account with some of the guys lifting.

I couldnt help watch and cry when i saw one of there clients deadlifting with a large arche (the wrong way) in his back going for a double. Or the owner doing leg press with 590Kgs for 10 reps except the reps were more like 1/4 partials.

I really respected these guys for there decent size and knowledge but now I'm Massivly let down. I thought that they would put good form before dodgy PRs and ego for clients. If the clients are going there for health and fitness, this is the exact opposite.

Do any of you Guys have a simler story of people you respected in the Strength game only to be let down by there lack of care or the size of there ego


last year in the gym i saw a guy who used to be on the school rugby team about 3 years (grades) above me. of course my friends and i all looked up to the older guys in training etc, so i thought it would be cool to see him in the gym. then he worked up to a 2 plate squat, in the SMITH machine. i realised i was stronger than him, even though i had only been going to an actual gym for about 6 months at the time.


Mr octurbo, could you send us the youtube link please?


Yeah, we wanna see that shit!
It's always fun to make fun of others. It makes us feel better about ourselves.


Everybody trains differently for different reasons, bodies all respond to various types of training, cheat reps can be amazing to get stronger in other areas but if the same person is doing those kind of sets week in week out then they really need to step back and think about the future and how bad their body is going to feel later in life.

Some people need to only lift a little to have their muscles grow like crazy, others need to pack on the weight to see the littlest gains, some are stronger, some weaker but everybody is different, size, height, genetics, determination and the pure mental power some hold is all you need.


We just moved our gym down the street and they hired a bunch of douche bag trainers, there's one guy snapping gum while he's saying "good good puush it" when the form is horrible. I realize it might seem strange for trainers to understand BUT they need to put their hands on their clients in order to have proper form.

I watched this same trainer(ok I was looking at his Venzeluen client) train this girl and her balance was all off, he needed to grab her waist and put her in the correct position, it might of seemed sexual but it's the job. This is why people never change a good trainer ultimately gets a client to be able to go out on their own and makes money from referrals the trainers at my place hold onto and leach off their clients and said clients never get any better but they feel good because they are at the gym.
Sorry had to rant a bit


You should also try to separate trainer from trainee.

A trainees performance is not necessarily indicative of the trainers ability, just as the trainers ability is not necessarily indicated by a trainees performance.


Im no form expert but i understand that whole Hips and shoulders moving together...

Here they are Nards

I maybe over reacting. Let me know what you think.


Second video: Was I the only one who though one of those 45s was going to smash baldy in the face?


They are small and weak as shit.

You were correct to think so.



LoL forget his face I was waiting for his knees to buckle and have the whole thing come down on him. Who puts their hands on the inside of a legg press? Thats a good way to loose them.


"If it moves, it's a rep....." Genius.

Also, those deads were pretty brutal.


I wasn't waiting for a plate to fall on his face...I was WISHING one would.


Neither of those guys looks big enough to have looked up to in the first place.


The guy in the second video is begging for a neck injury. I made the mistake of leaning forward like that one time while doing heavy leg presses, and could feel the vertebrae crunching in my neck.


Thank you for posting the videos, I retract my previous statement, these just are dumb.


The deadlift guy is just a client.

The leg press guy is the owner I believe. He looks a bit bigger in real life but thats because I'm guessing he is leaner then me. He has a young guy working there who is of decent size who is good to talk to but I guess you're right, I should look upto someone else. I train at home so There isnt to many people to talk to outside the supplement shop and the BIG guy at work.


You need more positive, knowledgeable support. Only having the supplement shop and big guy at work is pretty sad man, I would be willing to bet there is a badass gym somewhere within, oh wait, your in OZ... I was about to say there was a better gym within 25-30 miles, but, you have a whole continent...

Try looking for another gym, even if it means driving/biking/bus riding some extra time. If it is out there, chances are you will meet people who used to be in your position and are now respectable people to 'look up to'.


The DL is with straps and he bounces the 2nd rep! wtf?! His back is also pretty f0cking rounded...

The leg press ROM is p!ss poor...



looks average for where i train