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Massive Headache When Working Out

Anyone ever experience massive one-sided headaches when working out…I have been out of the gym for about 5 years…got back into working out…going well for about the 1st 6 weeks…then started getting terrible headaches located behind my left eye…have to completely stop lifting…weights aren’t too heavy…working out with weights I can do for 12 reps…any ideas…starting to get concerned.

Yeah i also got these. It happened twice over the course of a few years, and it would get triggered by lifting heavy or sprinting, but not by stuff like curls. Both times it fixed itself in a couple weeks so i just tried to avoid heavy exersizes during that time.

Look into possible active myofascial trigger points through the cervical region. The actual location of the points will depend on the location of these headaches but may also vary for each individual.

Some of the more common sites include the Suboccipitals and Sternocleidomastoid that can cause referred pain patterns into the head mimicking the headache type symptoms especially while being placed under stress due to poor posture, poor lifting technique or a combination of both, not to say that you have either.

More than likely however you will find a hive of triggers point activity through out the upper quarter. You should look at getting this settled down first and any postural dysfunctions corrected prior to beginning more serious training.

If trigger points are the problem (there could be numerous other causes including dehydration, etc.) then you may want to find someone experienced in myofascial trigger point therapy. A good reference for self treatment is The Trigger point Therapy Workbook by Clair Davis and it?s only about $US20.

For more in-depth references into myofascial trigger points (and a lot more expensive) then the books Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction Volumes 1 & 2 by Travell & Simons are some of the best on the subject.

Something like this happened to me a few years back. It was while I was playing football, and it only happened when I was doing heavy or olympic lifts at first but eventually it go to the point where anything that raised my blood pressure would set it off. After I had to stop in the middle of getting laid becuase my head hurt so bad i finnally went and saw the doc. According to him, I was holding my breath while I was lifting and that caused wierd blood vessel growths in my head. He said I could have had an aneurism if I had let it go. Probabally not the same thing, but if it get worse, you might want to get it checked out.

It’s most likely just enlarged blood vessels in your head. I get that occassionally (drinking induced) and part of my brain hurts tremendously when I try to stand or exercise. It usually goes away after a day of rest. Since it’s continuous you should probably have it checked out.

drinking induced…that would make sense for me.

got beer?

thanks for all of the input…had it checked out…benign exertional headaches…common in weightlifting and wrestling…just backdown the weights a week or so and is supposed to show signs of resolving…