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Massive Gas from Massive Eating


Do any of you guys suffer from this?
I have tried:
Gas X
and Q zyme
Nothing seems to work.


Yeah, it's also know as 'massive pooping'.


Good answer.


Unfortunately, your answer does not really help me in my predicament. How do you guys handle to massive gas part?


I have never tried "massive eating" even though I have eaten "massively" before. Gas-X works in extreme situations, but the reality is, you need to learn to time your "restroom breaks" better and it is possible that you simply need to take a shit more often. I hope that wasn't too blunt. You know me, I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.


Just let it out. As my HS weight lifing coach once said, "Intestinal Gas is a fact of life."



nah,if your in HS you fart then run down the hall as fast as you can,though everyone will hate you of course


Another benefit of Massive eating: enhanced ability to contract and control your anus.


Eat big shit big. Way of nature.


Don't worry, farts are funny.


Hahahahahahahahaha thats the funniest thing I've ever heard you say.


Suffer? How about take pride in.
You really are a "metro" boy if you care about this. Gas and big shits are like fine art, step back and admire your creative side.


Have a cup of coffee a half hour before your dump in the morning. Don't poop as soon as the coffee* kicks in (~ C+15min), lest you waste the push ona substandard dump. Wait until the full 30 then take what will be a massive and immensely satifying poo. Your day will be good. Unless you're food intake is qualitatively different from normal, there shouldn't be a significant problem with gas. When you get home in the evening, repeat pooping procedure, though I recomend green tea at this hour if you aren't one who can do coffee in the evening.

*If using tea, make sure to use a very strong black tea and add 5-10 minutes to the buildup unless a second cup is used. Don't waste your time with any weaker teas such as grocery store stuff or green tea at this hour. Too much rides on this to fool around.


Ok, how about when a chick is coming to your house, and she isn't your girl friend....Do ya just let em rip or what?


I'm sure she drops some wicked gas and shits on her own also, that is if you are with a T-Vixen (which is what we all want). But, point well taken. It takes a little time to share your "creations" with that special someone.


I wish I were kickin it with some T-vixens, but I ain't. And I'll tell ya, nothin ruins a night like a big ole gas bubble just waitin to explode in your gut. Gas X is the only thing that even helps....


My GF doesn't think so.

Protein Powder plus
Creatine plus
Eggs by the truckload plus
tuna plus
slabs of meat plus
beans, beans the musical fruit plus
= a smelly smelly boy


Couldn't agree more with the brewing explosion. Definitely don't miss those day of having to be on my best behavior.


Not with an avatar like that!!!


LOL! Methane Man.