Massive fat loss

OK my fellow T-folk. I am trying to help out a woman who is approx 5’5" and 214 pounds…obviously quite a bit of bodyfat to lose. The fast fat is too extreme for her in her opinion, so I am going with introducing her to the t-dawg diet. Two questions for you all. #1 she is not big on just protien and fat…but she will endure…what are some things besides eggs, cheese, meat fish and chicken she can eat? Any good protein/fat ideas or recipies things that taste like real meals?? Secondly, ECA stacks make her heart racey, so they are out. I am considering having her use Nandrosol and a multivitimin…perhaps t-2 as well…any other ideas for her to burn some weight off fast and get positive results quickly??

with all due respect to yourself and to her why don’t you just tell her to eat less and walk everymorning. I know it is not fancy and I know you would have to tell her wht food to just avoid but at that ht. and wt. she should not have that much of a problem looseing a decent amount of wt. in the begining if she just did those two things and then maybe when she sees results, feels better about herself and hits a sticking point she will be more than willing to follow a more restricted diet and exercise program. just a thought, peace

sugar-free jello pudding with protein powder with whipped cream would be a nice “cheat” meal…multi-vitamans are a given, she should be taken them regradless of diet and supplements she is taken…hope this a little helpfull

i also almost eat like a brick of mozzarella a day…one inch serving has 90 calories, 6 g f 1g c and 6g p, i love the taste i can eat that all day, only problem is i can no longer put it on top of my pasta, Damn you Berardi!

Whopper, you might want to re-think the Nandrosol. If it were me, I’d try Methoxy-7 instead (since it’s a woman we’re talking about here). But I wouldn’t do either until she’d lost some weight just from a better diet.