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Massive Eating

I started eating using massive eating guidlines 4 weeks ago. I decided to start out at 3,300 calories just to see what happens. I started out at 157 and 2 weeks of 40p/30c/30f I didn’t gain any weight. So I tried 40p/40c/20f and gained 7 pounds in a little over 2 weeks. My waist and stomach both gained an inch.Could this be water weight or does this mean I am insulin sensitive? I also seem to feel better on the 40% carbs.

I’d like to see this answered too. The difference in how I feel between 30-40% carbs is major. But, I gain fat when at 40%. I hate feeling so crappy, but I also hate excess fat. Maybe JB can shed some light.

It’s unlikely that 10 % shift in p-c ratio means 7 lbs. There is a lot of other variables included in this equation; rest, training, adaptation… this can also mean that you are insuline insensitive and you gained water and blubber. How much do you weigh? I guess you are lightweight, the calories are kind of low for Massive Eating.

I weigh 163 now but my training and rest have not change. I used to be pretty fat and weighed about 240 pounds about 2 years ago.I’m only 5’7 though. I was eating about 2400 calories before and I wanted to see what the jump in the calories would do first before I went all out on massive eating.