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Massive eating

I think the massive eating plan is very logical. Just a few questions. I weigh 127,5’9’’,6%,15.

1)what about post wo
2)protein and fat before bed?
3)I eat 2 slices of bread, 1 cup 2% milk, and 1 egg+3whites as a meal. Is that too much fat for a protein and carbs meal(430cals/50carb/30pro/12fat)

Hey man, what’s your total calorie intake? That’s most important. As for post workout nutrition, search for “Solving the Post Workout Puzzle” article on this site. I prefer Surge and it tastes great. As for your big meal, yes, too much fat. Skim milk instead of 2%, stick with wheat or bran bread, not white bread!! and if you can, make it all egg whites, but who likes that, right?