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Massive Eating

I realize that the meal after the post workout shake should ideally be a carb protein meal. as the surge bottle puts it, it should be around 33% pro and 67% carb. however this meal for me would then come at about 1030pm about 30 mins before bed. should i keep this carb meal here or should i make this a pro fat meal to prevent fat gain?

Chris…you could go protein and fat, but you’d have to be careful with timing…if you choose to do protein and fat, you’d be wise to wait at least 2 hours following the Surge Experience…whether you choose fat or carbs should be based on what macros you’re working with and what your goals are…if fat loss is the goal, I suggest sticking with fat.

I go to gym at 6:15 pm and my workout is usually done, including showering and postworkout meal, by 8:30. I go to sleep around midnight. If I am dieting, I eat my postworkout meal at 8:30 and my presleep p+f meal at 11:00. It includes 1 lb of cottage cheese, two egg whites and a few oz of lettuce. If I am bulking, I add another p+c meal inbetween. You want carbs and protein postworkout, so I’d say, carbs and protein are way to go. Guys that workout in the morning could have some kind of added benefit because of evening and late night carbless meals, but hey… if you need carbs, eat carbs, and remember - no matter what diet you’re using, calories in/calories out rule still applies!