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Massive eating

Ok this is for all the experts on the massive eating program. I was told to do the massive eating program by one of the t-mag crew to help me lose bodyfat. I have been on it for around 3 weeks now and have not lost one pound of fat. I was told to use 3000 cals a day and two meals with protein and carbs. the rest was with protien and fats, I faithfully did this and I also used poliquins body comp program straight from the book. Off days I would do some form of cardio, like ride my bike or( don’t laugh my wife had the tapes so I used them) Tae bo. I am wearing myself out it feels like and not getting anywhere fast, any suggestions about how to go about this so I can cut. I don’t want to do the keto thing unless I really have to. Is it possible my system is just to messed up to get any thing going right in the weight loss department. I am over 40 and weigh 245 bodyfat level I am not sure of I would say somewhere around 12-15%.I just don’t have the money to buy all kinds of supplements and stuff to aid in this departmant.

Okay, you just admitted that you don’t even know what your bodyfat is, so how in the heck do you know that you haven’t lost any fat? You can’t just go by what the scale says. If you’re 40 and 245 I’m guessing you’re more than 12-15% b.f. Get your bodyfat tested preferably with good quality skinfold calipers, and get tested at multiple sites (chest, ab, thigh, subscapular, suprailiac, tricep, axillary). Keep track of your millimeter measurements. If they’re going down from week to week, you’re losing fat. It’s that simple. Second: I don’t know if you caught my recent post (Don’t Diet Finally Starting to Work), but fat loss takes longer on this plan, but lean muscle maintenance is considerably better. Third, you didn’t provide much diet info. What types of food are you eating? Stick to low glycemic/insulin index foods, refer to JB’s articles if you haven’t done so already. If you’re following it to a T and strictly following German Body Comp, there’s no way in hell you haven’t lost any fat. You don’t need fancy supplements, although they are helpful (fish oils and lipoic acid in particular), your choice of foods, meal frequency and calorie levels are far more important, as well as a good training program, and GBC is a superior training protocol for fat loss.

Ok if you want to get technical I was at 12% 4 weeks ago. how do I know If I have gained? Well when your clothes get tight around the waist I would guess you have gained some fat, Unless I am mistaken. I eat two meals in the morning with the carbs and the rest with fat and protein, I guess I will figure it out for myself as I should have done in the begining.I just thought someone would have suggestion.

It’s very possible that you haven’t lost any bodyfat. At 3000 calories/day you’re probably not that much under maintenance. Keep all the macronutrients the same but drop your calories to 2500 and see what happens. Also I would have one day a week where I eat more carbs and a maintenance amount of calories…like 350 grams carbs and 3000-3500 total calories.