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Massive Eating

Okay, i have been on the massive eating diet strickly (except for the amount of calories, i droped those a bit) i have gone from 176 with 10% bf to 180. what the hell is up with those numbers. Four pounds in a week. I though my scale was screwed up but i had my girlfriend weight herself and i also checked it with a 45. i was definatly noticing a difference in the size of my muscles but 4 lbs in a week just seems crazy. my calories are below what they are suppose to be by about 500 cals. Has anyone else gained like this. It is just that i want to try to at least maintain my pant size for a few more weeks. Whats up with this guys. oh ya…and my endorance has gone through the roof, and right now i am not taking anything except Food and Whey Portien. I even quite taking creatine. in two weeks i plan on taking tridex 500 and Androsol though.

Sped, my man, way to go! I see no need to argue and say Go on with the Show but it’s a curious phenomenon I guess. I would start by asking if you just came off a diet where carbs were low or restricted, or just a case where carbs and/or total calories were inadeaquate for a prolonged period. In this case, the Massive Eating that you’ve been doing may be restoring some glycogen stores that were depleted, which would also contribute to endurance.

That’s encouraging. I plan on starting the massive eating plan when I get home in two weeks.

Could be partially water weight, since it won’t register on bodyfat scale, since it is considered fat free mass. I seem to retain more water when I am on this diet than other lower eat plans. I am not discounting your gains, because even 1 lb of pure muscle in one week makes all the weighing, preparing, and gym/cardio time worth it.

The exact same thing happened to me about a month ago. I was doing a modified version of the massive eating plan…45% protein, 30% fat, and 25% carbs…In 5 days I gained about 4 lbs and I dont think any of it could’ve been water retention from carbs because I was only eating about 150 grams of carbs per day. I think what happened is this was about twice the amount of protein I had taken in per day in over a year. I believe in some situations amino acids can be stored in the muscle…ever see a bodybuilder compete and 1 week later they look so much better and bigger then they did at their contest?? I think hitting the protein hard and heavy again just kind’ve filled my muscles back out and this is where the weight gain came from.

my father told me the best thing to do would be to stay with it till i can notic a difference visially in my lean mass. So that is what i have intentions of doing. i try to keep my carbs rather low on all diets i go on because i am Extreamly sensitive to them. i am going 45% Protien, 27% carbs and 27%fats and it is pushing about 3600 cals a day. i have not been doing any cardio at the gym, in fact i have not since late March, but that is only because in the past i have discovered that i have a hell of a time putting on weight if i do cardio. Maybe i will just through in like 15 min of cardio a few times a week if it continues to climb at that rate…but i have a feeling it won’t.

kelly…thats kinda sounds right…i’m not sure if it is, but it certainly sounds like it

I was (still am) on massive eating for 3 weeks and saw nothing until a couple of days ago my weight suddenly jumped up about 7.5# over two days. Its gotta be water. Makes no sense. Arm size and waist are the same. Makes you wonder where its hiding.

Sped, I also noticed quite a quick weight gain with Massive Eating. I went from 175 to 201 in only about 3 months! I did gain quite a bit of lean mass, but also a fair amount of fat. I followed the plan strictly, and kept nudging the calories down to keep the gain rate at about .5-1 lb per week. After 3 months, the rate tapered off, but my BF% had gone from single digit to 16%. I attribute my rapid gain more to the fact that I had come off a typical “fat is bad” diet and finally started getting some MUFA and PUFA than to excess calories alone. I’m now at a lean 190, and think the plan’s great. Good luck!

Just a thought (I may be wrong because I dont know the circumstances as to when you weighed yourself) do you think some of the extra weight might just be all the extra food that is in your system digesting? You are eating extremely large quantities of food it might just still be working your way through your system. This might not be all the weight but a good chunk of it may be lost right after a trip to the bathroom (excuse the reference).